Monday, November 24, 2008

An awesome week...!!!

Why did I give a second chance to Shayon, after that episode with Tanima... I dunno...!!! Love makes you do mad things, but even the maddest can't stand lies and cheating.... But I did.... for...
I trusted him...!!!
6th June 2006 to 14th June 2006, was a week that is always going to be special to both Shayon and me. Because I was in Mumbai for that period. Even though I had Arushi and a My two cousins and Priyam along, it was great fun to just be with him minus the thought of my parents catching us.
I am going to let Shayon tell you about this trip, because, after all he is the hero.
The next post will talk about the next three trips of Shayon....!!!

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