Saturday, November 22, 2008

Major blow that was....

Thanks to my tutions and to TRAI who finally decided that the cell phone companies were being too harsh, that the rates on STD came down, and Shayon and I were able to talk on phone more often.
The first year of being in the relationship was coming to an end... the all so important first anniversary was coming up. The tution money made sure that the funds were just adequate so that we could talk at a strech. And I sent him some small tids and bits for our anniversary, a card, a letter and a small lil show peice in crystal.

As a chance would have it, I was short of money on just that day...and thus we really din get to talk. To top that I had my exams during that time and Shayon was kind of busy getting ready for his college fests... so basically it din seem like an anniversary to me. And I was pissed more so coz, My best friend Priyam had recieved an amazing promise ring from her boyfriend, and I din even get a chance to talk to him.
But that was just another passing phase. We normally had our fights related to his time being only for his 'friends' and not for me. The funny thing though is, that since it was really hard to track him coz of is careless ways, I used call up his friends in college (who now happen to be my great friends as well) and ask them to tell Shayon that he should call me up. 

About a week after the 14th feb 2006, I was in the middle of my tution class. I had given them a test and they were working on it, when one our friend called me up. It wasn't unusual coz his friends often called me up to track him through me or to generally say hi or you know to discuss girls....!!! After talking to him for a few minutes he said he wanted to talk to me about Shayon. I was like yeah sure...!! (I thought he had gotten into trouble again with the faculty)
That is when he asked me, if I knew what Shayon had done on the 14th.... 
"Arre, he said he had gone out with a few friends, to a temple and all... kyun kya hua?"
The Friend- "Tujhe pata hai, Tania kaun hai??"
Me- "Nahin... hogi koi dost... par hua kya??"
Friend- "Do you know he had gone out on a date with her...?"
I was not really unnerved by this, because I knew that he was women's man... and he had many girl friends like we referred to it. And I was also not less... coz mostly I was out with guys. 
Me- "Haan toh?"
Friend- "Not only that, I have seen his sms, and there is a personal exchange of them too... what is happening with you guys?? "
 I mumbled a good bye to him feeling rather lost... and used. I promised our friend that I will not tell on him, and I will not call up Shayon then and there. I was so devasted that I broke the very first rule that I myself had made, that in doubt I'll talk to him first rather than taking out conclusions.
I went in my lost state to Priyam, who inturn made me call up Karma (another great friend) with whom I was definately at my rudest best and asked him whether Shayon had gone for that date or not. He said he had no idea about that. Though he definately knows that Shayon had gone out. The next person we called was Dipayan... another of Shayons' close friend and this time Priyam talked to him coz I just din have the heart to talk. (Dipayan, has not been talking to me since then...!!!) He confirmed, that yes there was a Tania and that they had gone out.

In the mean time, I asked Priyam to let me be. I came back home, and Karma called to pacify me. Though he din know the details he knew Shayon was in trouble and he had called to make me think rationally. In another 5-7 minutes.... Shayon got to know that I had been inquiring. He called me up.

I was cranky, irrational and absolutely disgusted. I told him that I din mind anything but the lies. And the fact that a third person is coming up to me and telling me about his 'date'. I wanted an explanation. This was the first major fight that we had had. It lasted one whole night. 
I dunno, what other boys would have done, I know that Shayon accepted his mistake and apologised. 
Despite his telling me not to, I called up Tanima and shouted at her.
I know he was not cheating me. I was pissed at the fact that he din tell me. It was our anniversary you see and he had no right to make it special for someone else other than me. But he made it up to me when we met for the second time- In Mumbai, we were together for a week....Details coming up next....!!!

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