Monday, November 24, 2008

Best Holi...Scary Navratras... and warming in the winter...!!

Best Friends are true to their name.... even when we were to go to mumbai, had it not been a little pushing here and there by her, I wouldn't have had that awesome week....!!!
Now, the most damage that your closeness and your openess with your boyfriend can do is, get your best friend really mad at you because, you spoil her surprise.
Holi in 2007 was a really special festival for Shayon and Me.
Not because we celebrated it together, but because, the pursuation came from Priyam.
She actually talked Shayon into coming here and celebrating holi with us. What went wrong was, that it was a surprise and Shayon told me about it.
Ofcourse Priyam was very angry... but we did manage to pacify her. A day before holi, Shayon came to my house for lunch. Unfortunately, my parents were not home. As a matter of fact, no one but my maid,sister and myself were at home. That was cool...!!!
Holi was also good fun. What with lots of friends and food....especially the most special guy of my life...

His next trip was in Navratras, that was in October. The reason was- An attempt to get our relationship back on track. (I dunno, whether I should be telling what had happened... all I can say is that it was related to Tania and this completely shook me... The only The only reason that I listened and did not break down was because this time Shayon told me himself... and he was no too happy about it either...!!!) That trip, was great in its own way. Beacuse he came and met my parents, no not as my guy but as my friend. They had lunch together. Dad seemed comfy with him, mom as always was aloof...!!! It was in this trip that I met one of Shayon's closest friend.... Abhishek Karmakar. 

And Finally, the last time that we met, I tried having an official date with Shayon.... ofcourse my mom all, oh my God no... but I did get permission finally , we had dinner.... and he dropped me home only with a promise that the next morning he would cook breakfast for me. ( He was at a friend's place, a bachelor's pad...!!) It was the most most wonderful breakfast that I had, had. And that was the last time that I had met him.... its been a year....
The year that was- Coming up next...!!!

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