Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jab we met...!!!

Exactly 2 months after, Shayon left for Banglore- We met. Today.
The first thing that I want say in this regard is- That- I TOTALLY HATE DELHI FOGS. They suck. And I equally hate our primitive systems on the Airport. They can't do any arrivals or departures even in slight fog conditions. (They are supposed to be equipped with that sorta technology).
So, a 7 am flight that was to land at 9.30 am came in at 2.30 and it took em another half an hour for the freaking baggage claim to come. I was at the airport for 1.5 hours.
We met- actually sat down to eat something and spend 'some' time together- at 4ish, and I put him an auto so that he could go to his friends' house (where he is putting up) at 5.15.
No one can imagine the pain that zagged through me when he was sitting in that auto and leaving. This is the MOST ridiculous time that we have spent together.
I wish that life a lil more easy on me.
Or if nothing- Luck could've favoured us, and the weather God complied... that would have made some little difference in this meeting of ours. Like Shayon put it- It felt like a mere formality.

This is turning out to be a CRAPPY year, thus far. (I know- The sadist me just spoke up.)
I wish.. Oh I wish.


Quirky said...

Itz been two months?!
Me thinks you've been pretty brave.

Sh@s said...

Hope next time the weather Gods will be more sympathetic towards the two of u.

санжог said...

wow...i guess its good that those moments you spent with him were worth ages or millions.

That's what I do most of the time...make the best of what is there...although I want to hit my head on the wall later..but then I don't want life to have the opportunity make fun of my despair.

Rohit Dassani said...

Hmmm i know what ur feeling....everything will be fine....!!

I hate waiting...especially when its an airport,,,,god..... so disgusting! and so boring!!

Sorcerer said...

Make the best of the time when you are together like. having intellectual debates on global warming and its causes

Sakshi said...

Well, tell me about being brave. I am trying really hard.

Why would I waste SOOOO much money on the airport chole kulche...

Thanks for dropping by. I don't think that Gods, like me and shayon together..

Easier said than done my boy.. ah life, and its mockery...

You forget no inquiry counter and no... people to assist you.

You forgot to mention about important legal issues and traffic...

Shalini said...

Well, this post kinda makes me laugh. Seriously, whenever you think you will have an awesome time together....things refuse to go as per your plan.