Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trending Topic...

For all of you, who are familiar with twitter I am sure that you all are aware of the 'Trending Topics'... well here is a lil gyan then for you all, these are topics which are mostly talked about in the tweet world.

And in my little world- the Trending topic is- Sakshi ki Shaadi...
And well, really, its not funny anymore... this whole fundu topic me getting married started when I was fourteen (yeah, thank God I belong to a family of advocates), apparently one horror- scope that was valid then said that I will get married at the age of eighteen, so the countdown began that early. And since the day I have turned eighteen, all I have been pulled my leg about is me getting married... LIKE HELLO PEOPLE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS...!!!

So, the very first day of the Newest year, and Shayon's mom calls me, and she and I talk like really casually about Shayon and I getting married. The best thing being, that her timeline and mine match.. so we start talking 'marriage' on the 1st Jan... this was all in great jest. But the evening was even worse...
Like, my father tells me that this really sweet aunty otherwise, has just ruined my life, by announcing at a wedding that she attended about me being an eligible spinster. Now isn't that cool.... NOT. All my dad is telling me-is, I am just happy that people remember my daughter...hello remember for better things than match making.
Add to that Mr. Bejan Daruwalla in his general horrorscope for 2010 for me tells me that there is if not wedding then an engagement surely on the cards.

Yeah, that is what is going to happen to me the whole freaking year, I'll be warding off my own marriage.

Here is the deal guys, its not that I don't want to get married. As a matter of fact, right now with Shayon so far away, the only thing that seems logical to me so that we don't stay miles apart is getting married... but, then, I have studied so hard for 5 years, I can't just let that go... and neither can I let go of my career goals.
GOD!!! This totally sucks.
My parents don't even know about Shayon. They are going to freak out completely. And... I am so lost that I can't even see my own hands in front of me... the future is that foggy.
PS: How the hell do you tell your parents about your boyfriend without getting killed?


Yadu Rajiv said...

how about sending them a link to your blog :D

Shalini said...

Oww man! One reason I hate people around here is that they leave no stone unturned to get started on the "trending topic". Be brave. Sigh!

And if you get the answer on the P.S question, let me know too...

Quirky said...

Lol.. I agree with Yaduz idea ;)

And tot understand the 'time to get married situation.' Hold on girl :)

Ramit Grover said...

You'll have to tell them sooner or later. Better tell them now yourself. Lest they find out through someone else, it would hurt them that you did not tell them yourself. It would also help if before telling them the boy is actually ready to marry the next day. Most parents would freak out if their precious darling tells them she likes this guy and the guy says I need another year or two to settle down. That's no good. If the boy says I'm ready to do it now, then the parents relax and say it's alright to take some time too.

But do tell them when you're ready too. Marriage is a big responsibility. Make sure you think umpteen times before you take the plunge. Don't think five years down the line I might have done this or that had I not been married. It's rather easy to be rejoice because his mother is sweet to you on the first day of the year. She's not always going to be like this. Plus, even the boy might not always be the sweetheart he is now. Tell your parents only when you both are ready. Completely ready.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong :D

and I already gave you my tips but seriously, there is no good way to do it!

NesQuarX said...

Go ahead, drop the bomb... and watch hilarity ensue... It'll give you some much wanted breathing space it seems.

Sakshi said...

@Yadu & Quirky

I can't show them this blog.. for a simple reason that, it will be like telling them, read only this page from my diary, and then, my entire life- which is a lil personal from them will be in front of them... So next idea please...!!!

I am trying very hard to be brave.

Read my older blogs abt me and the boy (who has a name btw- Shayon). I know, what you are trying to say.. its just that wayyyy toooooo many things trying to influence my this BIG decision.

I love you.

Its not gonna be hilarious, trust me on that.

Rohit Dassani said...

U have a long way to go lady... this year would go by in making-up, negotiation...etc etc...but hope bejan daruwala's words come true very soon!!

Shayon said...

@Ramit & @Rohit:

'The boy' is hardly ready to tie the knot right away. So, that ain't an option.


Sorry to gate crash in the party. Hope I didn't spoil it all.

санжог said...

You'll be alright.

It happened to me when mine and her family came to know about us even before we were sure about it. Bloody aunties talk a lot!

I was asked straight forward questions and ended with hindi movie dhamki.


they will kill you man!!

Nice blog, best luck both of you!

Sorcerer said...

Break the news!!

go by this puzzle..
you want a good news or bad news..
[input movie dialogue]
[input moozjik]

and viola

a happy ending!!

rohini said...

nice happens with almost all of us....anyways Happy new year...

Haddock said...

You are getting worked up for no reason.

Ramit Grover said...

Shayon dude, Do you have a blog? If you do, good, let's talk there.

Or else, Run!

Don't get married dude!

Wives are CRUEL.

Really so.

Read my blog for textual proof.


Sakshi said...

@Rohit D
Well, long roads lead to fruitful end, or so I think.

Thanks!! :)

I will pray that your method works.

I totally hope that you are right!!!

@ Ramit & Cahxor
How typically male of the two of you... run away, as soon as the girl says the word marriage.
Let me make something very clear to you-
No one is forcing Shayon to get married here. These were JUST my thoughts and my realm of life.
I bloody well know that I cannot force him into a commitment and then remain unhappy for the rest of my life.

You it seems have had a bad experience in this department, and please don't mind- Just coz you had a bad experience you CANNOT bracket the rest of em in that. No one in their sane mind goes into the marriage without giving it due consideration.
NEVER EVER- Mind you give such useless piece of advice that you have given Shayon right now. Atleast not on my blog, you are more than welcome to that on HIS blog-

санжог said...


No madame, I did not run away, her mom asked me will you marry her, I said yes.

And then she told me how she would love to maul me!