Friday, January 8, 2010

The mush factor...

Falling in love was one thing that I had anticipated from the time I started understanding hindi movies (I was not allowed to watch English flicks, I still am not, with my parents around) and then came the books, the Fairy tales always had the Prince Charming rescuing the damsel in distress, stuck in the tall tower.
Ofcourse, later I graduated to more mature matter, where there was love, but of a different sort.

And, finally when I did find love (that was after I believed, that I had found 'The One' almost 3 times before) it was completely unexpected. Yeah, I mean, who falls in love with the words first and then the writer... ohkay I think that is what happens actually.

It has not been a fairy tale at all. As a matter of fact, I am mostly distressed coz of him (not that I mind that!) but yeah, it is love. And surprisingly, this was not the fate that I had anticipated for us... I was a cynic and had been in love before, only not to be loved back.

In almost lil over a month- Shayon and I complete five years of being together. And, I have already said this a zillion times before that I can still feel my first kiss right here in my heart. Oh, and as the ritual has it, we will most probably end up having an argument on that day, but then, duhu, that is the way we are.

We have grown to love each other by accepting the different people that we are, and that is what have made us stick together I guess.

You know, what I am really trying to say- is that, it is always great to know that there someone, who cares, beyond all boundaries of how you look, how much you earn, and whether you fart after dinner or not. And it took me 19 years to find that someone.

I love you Sweetheart...

PS: I have no clue, why this post came up.


Roop said...

you're lucky, luv. 19's tooooo early. i hope this luck prevails for the both of you. there's nothing better than having the right partner to spend life with. i wish only the best for you. you are a beautiful girl! loving and caring and intelligent and sensitive and so on ... you deserve the best and i hope shayon can give you that. :)

good luck to both of you guys. never give up on each other. persevere. no matter how angry you are with each other, NEVER Walk out on each other. Never tell the other to leave either. Breathe in ... stay in the same room ... let the tempers come down ... and resolve arguments. Not a better advice than that from someone slightly older. Just slightly. :p

Happy New Year to the both of you and your families. :)

Ramit Grover said...

*Looks at the five years line*
*Rushes off to congratulate (console) Shayon bhai sahab ji*
*Comes back and thinks of something polite to write*

Ramit Grover said...

Awww that was so sweet. I'm so happy for you both. By the way, totally ignore the above comment. That's the male human being in me. Not that I'm trans sexual or anything.

The best posts are probably the ones that have no reason or occurrence to come up from...

Good luck,, you two!

Quirky said...

Wow I almost teared up :( You are lucky girl to have found such love *Touches wood* :)

Shalini said...

Awww...the last para was beautiful.So true..
Me and Rohit have been together only for four months...but it still feels like we have known each other since forever. The month anniversaries have always sucked...I guess anniversaries are like that!

Sakshi said...

@ Roop
Thank you roop, each of your advice would be taken into full consideration... and you can definitely trust me on that.

Thanks for the polite comment. Its perfectly ok for you to go and Congratulate the poor guy.. :P

What you write from your heart, touches the heart of the reader.
Thanks again.

Thanks for the wishes girl...

Love is like that, you feel like you know the other person inside out, only to know something new about your someone special almost every day.
Be happy...!!! :)

rohini said...

dear...u r fortunate to get luv at such an age...I wish u both happy days ahead...

Anonymous said...

so sweet :)

санжог said...

So cool

So where is the post that says "how did we met"


So who farts after dinner?? (sorry!)

Sakshi said...

Well, there are 12 posts in the month of November last to last year that describe my entire love story. Or
you can see this-

Who farts... good question.. very good one...
I think its both of us...!! :P

Dewdrop said...

So sweet gal. All the best to both of you. :)