Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Gene Pool...

No, I am not talking about a pool at Gene Hackman's house. ( Why would I even be interested to talk about... Gene)

You all have heard of genes (NOT JEANS), the one that make us, you know chromosomes etc. Yeah I am talking science, not Hollywood OR fashion.

So, when I was conceived, then, the cells decided to merge in such a way that I more like my mom. You see, I have her features, like, my hair, I always butt long hair like my mum before I got em cut to waist length. I have her height, yeah that means I am lil short in height. I have her temper.
And, my dad gave me most of the intellectual aptitude and the gene's for premature graying of hair.
Can you imagine, my mother still doesn't have to colour her hair, and I have atleast three strands in my hair that stand up like my head is a freaking fort with a flag that needs to be waved. :(
This completely sucks, as if I was not depressed about getting older each year, now I have to deal with gray hair also...!!!
On a more serious note, all those who have seen Paa, do you all remember how Vidya Balan describes Auro's illness, you know about the AT's and the GC's... here is an interesting fact, we all have the same chromosomes, that is the reason why we have two eyes, one nose and basically the same structure, but there is something that is different in EACH of us, yeah, that is why I am what I am and you are what you are.
Even nature knew the importance of the 'difference' that each one of us has. And, whenever I see someone supremely talented on television or otherwise, I sit and wonder, wow, God has gifted him with sooo much of oozing talent, and at the same instant I realise, that I am special too. I am special in my own way. And, even though I am not famous, even though I cannot dance like I pro, or Sing or make music, I have what it takes for people close to me to love me.

And, if you don't love me, oh yeah you are missing out on something, so freaking important in your life, knowing me.

The truth is that, this attitude has started to develop in me. And, it is a great experience to know yourself, to understand how much I can appreciate myself and be happy about it. We are totally living in a world where humility is no where to be found, where being humble about your own abilities mean that you do not know anything.
I learnt this lesson over so many years, and I am learning it till now.
It is not important to be what others want you to be, but it is VERY important to know yourself and to believe in what you are.
This Moral lecture was for my own welfare, but ofcourse you all are most welcome to utilise this advice!!! :P


Ramit Grover said...

When did you trim your hair? I had no idea! :(

You had such beautiful lustrous hair! :(

Ramit Grover said...

Always loved you kid. :P

Sakshi said...

@ Ramit-
Ask Shayon about it. He was majorly pissed at my decision, and so were my parents...!!!
My mom almost disowned me...

Ramit Grover said...

Well, can I disown you now?

But that won't make then grow back, will they?

So you think you'll ever grow them back again?

By the way, where do you guys plan to live when you get married? In Del or where ever it is that he lives? He's not in Del, that much I do remember. After that, my memory fails me big time.

Sakshi said...

Do not disown me. I still have waist length hair.. if that is ohkay with you...
Rest of it-
Well, I dunno,
And he is in Banglore.

Sorcerer said...

thers this new sayin on the internet
if at first you dont succeed..blame in on the genes

Ramit Grover said...

Lol! Waist length is fine, as long as you're fine with it. I have no idea about hair really. I don't have any you know. I am bald.

But I am sure you figured that out by now!

Bangalore is too far...

Sakshi said...

I know it is DAMN far. So, we will have to pick a middle ground..Hmmm, hey I have been thinking about bloggers meet up. You in Delhi?

Ramit Grover said...

I've been considering it too. But I'd need a wig first so you kids don't want to make an omelette on my bald palate.

Sounds awesome to me. The timing is kinda wrong. Most kids have exams now. But plan it out and I'm in. Last time I planned it, things happened and blah blah. Email me and let's talk there.