Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Who says that being a capitalist state is helping any body?

Ofcourse, there are competitive prices and loads and loads and loads of choices for clothes, for food and for all that you want. Bloody hell the local grocer has become competitive to the Big Bazaar.

And it is not helping my cause. (Ofcourse anything that, is not helping my cause should be banned for life)
I am anyways confuse as to what to do as far as my career goes. And to add to the woes, I have been given more suggestions. (Again NOT helping my cause)
I had given due thought to a lot of things-
1. I want to do a Masters in Law.
2. But not now. It was to happen after couple of years.
3. The masters was supposed to happen from outside India. (That plan shook up the moment I saw their fee structure)
4. Therefore, I wanted to work for a couple of years and then do my masters from The harvard or the Oxford.

But, no. Life is not easy. (That IS a understatement)
Therefore enter my seniors. They say-
1. You should try and not give a break to your studies.
2. What is the point of going outside India to do an LL.M? Have you seen the fees? You can get much better options here.
3. Acha baba, whats the harm in trying. So, just fill in the application form, give the entrance and then we will see.
4. Haan haan, keep applying for the jobs as well na. If you don't clear your entrances, then, you will have a back up.
And the cherry on the top- You should not worry Sakshi. Ho jayega. Sab ho jata hai.

Since we have decided that we are going to look at the glass half full- The good thing that came out of the whole discussion was- That there is no harm in trying. And that I talked to my dad about this in a jiffy. I told him what my seniors had said and that, I would like to give my entrance if nothing else.
What is the good thing in that you ask?
Well, this is the first time that I have come forward with a decision with regard to My Career. Not dillidalying about it. Something concrete. It did take a few minutes for him to comprehend and process the information...
Me liked that.

So, confusion galore. That is what the story of my life is.
Cold finally caught with me. I have been sneezing like two kilos of black pepper has been stuffed in my nose. So, I am not even thinking too straight.
Love you guys.


Sorcerer said...

from my awesome experience I think you should toss a coin!!

and keep on tossing till you get which side you wanted!

Rohit Dassani said...

What...your going out of India for LL.M and return as Mahatama Gandhi.... come on....there are better options here...ok if you get a good university then its a different case.... well...best of luck for ur 'Concentrated' plan.


Jack said...


So finally cold weather gave you a parting kick. Do take medicines and you will be OK in a week. If you do not, then you will be OK in 7 days. LOL. Drink lot of water and keep blowing your nose. Best of luck for whatever you want.

Take care

Shalini said...

Ahh...cold does this to people! Thinking about career...way to go yar!

Sakshi said...

* Tossing a coin * still doing that :P

I am no Mahtma Gandhi. Otay?

@Uncle J
I am going to take my meds!! :)

I hope things work out.. finally!!