Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unity in Diversity?

Disclaimer: These are the sole views of the author. And, in no way are they intended to hurt the feelings of anyone.
Have you ever wondered as to why is it that we such a HUGE parade on 26th of January? And that be it cold, or foggy or whatever- Almost the entire country is wide awake when the 'Chabees Janwary' parade is aired. I think this is one of the very few days that Doordarshan, has TRPs!!!
The reason is simple- The entire world waits for this parade- Because this parade is the 'Show of Strength' to the other nations. It is an exercise of propaganda for country.. yeah we are very humble people, but it is ok to show off sometimes.

61st Year of being a Republic, was also marked by the auspicious release of the Newest, and the most talked about Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara... on Youtube, it has been posted as a reply to the Old Video of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.

And boy oh boy- Has it created some ripples on the blogosphere and on twitter. I must say, that, I thought that I would not give my opinion on this. But then, I saw both the videos, and I couldn't resist the temptation to give my opinion on the same. Actually, thanks to Mr. Bald Guy, I was directed to this post which prompted this post.

Ohkay, the views are going to be biased, for sure... after all I have grown up watching this video. What the heck- I was 7 years old when DD2 was launched... and I had to actually eat extra food to see some decent Television.

So, here goes-
The moment that video comes on air- You feel a sense of tranquility, as sense of being the Indian that you are. The old video, shows the Unity in diversity. It shows it when MithunDa, Jitendra and Amitab Bachchan stand together and sing... the new video unfortunately is simply a show of strength. It just shows, frame after frame- nothing but the actors.... Individually... The poster boys.
Has India, got nothing more to offer than Indian Actors?
The new video opens with A.R. Rehman, and ofcourse we applaud at his achievements and are proud of him, but trust me, not having The Nightingale of the Music industry in the video makes it for a sad watch. Ms. Padokune should've had more sense to wear.... I dunno, lets not comment on the clothes... we should just be talking about the spirit.. which is also missing in the new video. The New video, does not inspire- It just makes me sigh, and feel, 'Yeah India has progressed... but...
The most important aspects of the old video were- That it was the video of the common, the common man... the new video missed that- It totally has nothing to do with the common man- the one which has risen.
The future the children, which made up the flag in the end of the old video... well, the only one I saw in the new one were dancing with the stars.
The thing that irked me most was-
That the video looked a like total propaganda to impress the MNS. Look closely at the video- There is no Delhi Metro, or any mention of the commonwealth or the T20 world cup that we won. You can see the Taj, the Bandra-Worli sea link, and mostly that entire stretch of Mumbai.

The essence of India, missing in the new video. And that is what I think.
If India is nothing but bollywood, and stamp from the Oscars- Then, well, can I say that, I want to be a part of the broader and the new India? The India- That truly is... United, despite the Diversity.


Ramit Grover said...

And we all can see the extra food Sakshi! :P

Ramit Grover said...

Deepika happens to have the best pelvic bone in the history of the Universe. Just so you know!

And that's exactly what I said to Puneet too! :D

Ramit Grover said...

True! India has progressed! Deepika isn't wearing any pants! :P

(Psssttt, I like her better this way!)

Ramit Grover said...

Oh well, you are right, if for a moment I try to see the video without ogling at Deepika's legs, then I do see your point. Too much of Maharashtra in it! And very rightly as Puneet said, India is way more than Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala!

Ramit Grover said...

So if they can have a MNS and Hotmail has MSN, We want a Delhi New Nirman thingy too!

sangeeta said...

this bald guy is speaking too much...

hey i am getting back to my self here...thanks Sakshi for being there for me at this point of time..

will read your writing in detail later...

санжог said...

I agree with you's become mediocre.

oh...I used to do the same watch TV...and now I can't stop!!

ani_aset said...

the new one is horrible..and all it shows is just bollywood..its too much of bollywood