Saturday, January 30, 2010

The first good news of the year: Promotion!!

It says that the first day of the New Year sets the tone. From all that has been happening in my life, I did not expect anything positive that would be coming my way.
But then God and Rajiv (my dance instructor) had other plans for me.
And the first good news of the year has finally come my way.

After almost 10 months of working my ass off (literally, with the hip rolls and first turnouts) I have gotten from the Beginner's level to Basic Elementary. I feel really great. And, all thanks to Rajiv, who saw the potential in me finally and promoted me.

Now, I only hope and pray that- The tone that this has set up continue and that it the happiness and the dreams, become a reality- and That- I finally get to taste - Life.



Ramit Grover said...

Hip rolls wow!

Way to go!

Good luck for more step up's ahead!

rohini said...

cngrts and all the best

Jack said...


Hard work and faith always pays dividends. Congratulations. I am sure you will achieve what you set your mind on.

Take care

PS : No visits?

Rohit Dassani said...

Hard work always pays off...anyways u r on ur way to become a dancer??? What kind off dancer???

Congratulations by the way!!

I would like to tell you something...i was eating Nutties yest...yes my fav chocolate from Cadbury....and guess what I found pieces of plastic in it....i am going to screw them up....i have the sample also.... will u take up my case plzz...for free...i am broke?????? Plzzzz

Sakshi said...

Thank you all so much for the BEST wishes.

WEll- Just go to the consumer forum and all will be done. Though- Please don't sue em. Please.

Rohit Dassani said...

Guess what...Cadbury called....wants to compensate....tell me what should i do?

ani_aset said...

congrats..what dance form are you learning..i didn even get to know :( sniff sniff

Shalini said...

yaay! good luck