Sunday, January 24, 2010

You would have been 23,
an age you were waiting for. I know, nothing in particular- But I am sure that, you would have been all responsible and a working woman. We would have probably boozed all night and laughed like hyenas. It would have been like old times... or would it?

I don't know what life would have been had you still been here. But, from where you are- You can see what life is Now, when you are not here. I have missed you.. and I still miss you. Its your day today, and we used to always supremely happy on this day. It was always a holiday the next day.

So, for you on your Birthday- I wish that you are happy where ever you are. And for me, like a dear friend said- You are watching over me, so, all I am going to promise is- That- I am going to be happy for you and for me.

Happy Birthday- Mini. You know you are terribly missed.


Ramit Grover said...

There's no one stopping you from partying all night long you know. Plus, memories embedded in the heart never fade and unlike a digital camera have no delete button.

Here's to more good times to come and lots of more happy memories.

Minus the booze, of course. :P
(Since I don't drink)

Ramit Grover said...

And as for Mini, Happy Birthday. You were lucky to have got to spent all night talking with a very awesome cousin.

Yay you!