Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Advice for free, any takers?

Oh, you are looking for a shop are you? Well, there are enough in everybody that you really don't need to go to your district shopping centers to look for the above sale.

I belong to a country where the person in front of you may not have a single penny to afford his next meal, but he will always have advice ready for you. Indians are a bunch of opinionated people. (Had I not been one myself, I would not have been writing this post or blog). And somewhere in between all the free advices we forget the concept of personal space and liberty.
It is still okay if it comes from friends, certain well wishers, relatives, parents.. but when it comes from complete strangers who do not value any feedback, you get THIS. (Please click to know the issue first hand).

Most talked about, or rather the most controversial bit of free advice that is thrown around is when people talk about sex in open.
The moment this three letter word is uttered even in gender sense, the eyes go rolling, tongues go wagging, and the eyebrows are raised. Obscenity in the form of lip pecks in Bollywood movies, and small small clothes of our actresses and the usual gali galoch, they all are against our morals.
And, anything in real life... well, ohkay wow... We have the entire moral police up in arms.

Here is the deal, we come from the land of Kamasutra, we are the people who had 'kothas' and a rich tradition of royalty that has always been polygamous in nature.
This is the part of our rich culture, something that foreigners are very fascinated by, and we are ashamed off. (Oh yeah, we totally believe in double standards)
Then there are people like THESE who would say that, Hindu Religion and Lust, and crap crap crap.
You know, I am surprised, at the amount of moral policing that happens in the name of Religion.
Poor God must also be thinking and wondering, in which factory did he make such moronic defected, demented minds.

The first lesson in being a good citizen of a country is to respect its heritage , culture and past. Because that is what makes the future. And, in the 21st century when, we are in the process of actually finding and knowing the exact moment when earth came into existence thanks to the scientific advancement, talking about sex, and making love, one of the most natural desires of being a man in open should not be a taboo. AT ALL.
Apart from the fact that what you talk about in your personal space is your own prerogative, today we are in different times.. and no amount of development, modern cars, english/american accents can help us move forward as people unless we change our mindsets, our perspective, and come out of the era of antenna televisions into the era of Digital Televisions.
Change in mind is something that can't be forced upon a person, but a person can only be expected to open his mind to everything that is around him... and ofcourse, there is knowledge. Knowledge can well open your eyes.
I am no one to lecture, but, I do feel bad, when people, young people make flaws in their judgement because of lack of knowledge and perspective.
Time to really grow up.


BIG Omi said...

really blank at this point! Never thought that one could be so emphatic on topic of sex!

Yes sex has always been an eye rolling thingie not only in India but also in other parts of the world where sun shows! It totally depends on the maturity of the audience u entertain!

BTW that bald guy is bald for a reason!

And as far as advices go well u r on blogger proves everything! I agree when u say Indians have opinion about each and everything!

Wicked Witch of the West said...

It is the same even here (although less so the younger you get...)...funniest is that it is so often the people who preach loudest that are engaging in exactly the same or 'worse' behaviour, just taking more pains to hide it...hypocrisy, everywhere! The higher the standard set by society or a section of it (especially in areas where we are fighting nature in the name of religion or morals), the higher the level of hypocrisy it seems...

Jack said...


I agree with you about moral policing. Persons who indulge in this are the ones who have too much time on their hands and I am quite sure they feel deprived. Let me ask each and everyone of them, do they shut their eyes if Dupatta of a shapely girl comes off a little? They ogle. And then they try to set limits of dressing. I agree one needs to dress for comfort but do we say that we will move only in undergarments is summers as it is more comfortable? Similarly,one needs to be careful while wearing low waist jeans so as not to publically expose what should not be. We can not go on making love in public or even PDA beyond certain acceptable limit but why should we be hypocrites to roll our eyes if SEX word is uttered? We need to be proud of our heritage but at the same time exposure of children should be regulated with age. I am all for imparting sex education properly drafted depending on age to ensure that children do not get to know things in wrong way and be taken advantage of. Respect for individual's space is a must. However when you feel protective towards someone, can you remain silent if that person seems to be suffering which could be taken care of? We do not have to follow what west does but follow what is advantageous to our society. I could go on and on but I think my comment will become longer than the post.

Take care

Vintage Obsession said...

Went throught the whole drama at TBG's blog ! you go girl kudos !!
Lets pack him of to Quatar like TBG's advice :)

Me said...

Well said, Sakshi!!

I completely agree with you on this. Some people really need to get their facts and ahem! MINDS right... I wonder if the spammer has any...

Shalini said...

Good answer to that guy.
And SERIOUSLY man!! People so need to grow up. Why is talking about sex frowned upon? And specially if a girl talks about sex, she is looked at as a s**t! Argghhh!!! Irritating!!