Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Holi Hai Ji!!!

I am not particularly fond of this festival. Actually, fondness for this festival is inversely proportional to age. As we grow older, at least to me, the charm of this festival is going down. No, not like the charm charm... I am one person who absolutely loves all the festivals here in our country. 
There are so many of them, that my school life had more holidays than working days thanks to them. 

But, I do not like the whole balloon throwing that I used like at one time, the pukka colors that used to take anytime between 3 to 10 days to get off properly. The tiredness, at the end of the afternoon, after you have been wet and dry at least a million times. 
It used to take more than a couple of calls and scowls from mom to come back home to get me into dry decent clothes and to bathe me, and then to put me to sleep. I remember how we used to pray hard that Holi comes after exams or comes so much before that, I don't have to beg to my parents for me to play Holi.
That was ages back.

The one that I remember the most of the recent times was two years back. My best friend threw the party for me. She arranged for Shayon to come to Delhi for the Holi weekend so that we could spend it together. That was fun.
Actually every year there is a party at her house. Outrageous. That is the word for that party. The only hard drink at her party is Bhaang, and food is great. But its the colors that take it all away. She gets, such colors that the 10 day time frame for the colors to go off you is, actually, not applicable to them. A month and a trip to the beauty parlor, and then, also you can see traces of pink on you.
And, she is the reason why I play Holi. Its her favorite festival.

No, this year, I have not stepped out of the house. There is no party at her place, because she is a working professional now. So, I am sitting tight at home, relaxing, and trying to get some work done as my entire house has gone to the colony Holi party to get themselves coloured.

So, my dear readers,
I hope you have a great great Holi, and that this festival brings in your life, great Joys and colors.


Arooj said...

happy holi

Shalini said...

Happy Holi...:D

Jack said...


I agree with you that eagerness for this festival goes down with age. Hope your parents did put some colour on you before going out. Wish you a good HOLI next year with one you want to be with.

Take care

Ramit Grover said...

Happy Holi. Hope you had loads of fun.

Sh@s said...

Wish ya Happy Holi !!!

rohini said...

happy holi to you girl...and coincidentally i have also uploaded the same pic as you have in this post.....check it out...

Haddock said...

Agree to that on the involvement of this colourful festival.
The interest is inversely proportional to the age I suppose.

ani_aset said...

happy holi..i didn play it are right about the relation between holi and age