Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If you think that I have hurt you

Then you are not alone.
The pain that sears your heart,
it comes right back at me.

You don't have to wonder why?
if the hearts that are one,
they share, not just the love,
they share the sorrow,
the pain.

For every word that punched your tummy,
I held mine too,
for every thought that left you numb,
I was iced too.

I know you feel,
in the darkness below,
the signs that say, but then,
leave you lost too.

The labyrinth of thoughts,
the unwarranted twists,
the anger, the pain,
they have become so much for our lives,
that love feels running out of time.

But, my love, know thee,
that, after the pain there is some gain.
that after the darkness there is The light,
I am right here.
Standing where you left me.
It is just that-
Life has moved on.

I wanted to stay, and stay put,
but the sands of time,
tricked me too.
If you think, my love,
that I have hurt you,
then you should know,
That my heart bleeds too...!!!


ani_aset said...

This kind of reflects what you are going through, hope all will be fine soon

Chandni (Chanz) said...

This is so much above my standards... !!

Ramit Grover said...

Kuch samajh nai aaya.


Why can't you literature grads write simpler words?


indihues said...

nice poem. must have been tough..

Shalini said...

Been there...done that. But its kinda inevitable, isnt it?