Friday, March 12, 2010

Belan in the Parliament...

So, the much celebrated, and the much controversial bill about the reservation of Women in the Parliament has passed.
As of Now.
The poor bill has gone back to its original state again. That is, more and more stormy weather, before it actually becomes a reality. But, as soon as the the bill was passes in the Rajya Sabha, reactions came in with such extremities that, I got really scared. I was not surprised when the reaction came from fellow bloggers also. After all blogging is the only community wherein you know that the other person is not being paid to write, especially on your personal blog.
So, back to the topic- Chanz did this post, which prompted me to write this post.
Chanz, what Mrs. Gandhi meant was, that, it is an opportunity that has been given to all women at large. Anyways, the one reaction that I have gathered is, that, the women feel that, now parliament will become more of a puppet show with the better halves directing the women in the parliament.
Another interesting thought that came in my mind was, that now, apart from kholapuri chappals, chairs etc, there will designer sandals and belan also flying all over the parliament house.
I know its not a good picture at all.
I am woman myself. And, I would be a cynic too, when it comes to reserving stuff for us. I mean, why, arent we equal in the society.
Yes, we are. But- (Yeah, there is always a BUT... ) we have been suppressed too long. There are women in this country, who are well educated, being married to rich men, who get beaten up every night by their husbands and they do nothing about it. They know everything but still choose to stay mum. That is because, they were always taught that they are the women.
I think, that this opportunity should be utilized by the women and they should actually break the shackles and he myth, that a woman cannot think or act independently. And we as voting women, of course can make sure that when ever the election happens, we vote for those women who have a brain where it is supposed to be, and a mouth that opens, when required.
I know, tough task. But, lets give them a chance, maybe, just maybe, instead of a belan, we have a disciplined session of the parliament...
Yeah, I know, we all are cynics when it comes to our Sarkar. But have faith in God, he has done his bit thus far, he will do it in the long run too.


BIG Omi said...

Absoloutely! They deserve this chance! I am in favor of the bill! But at the same time we should knw tht our parliament is a typical Male Chauvinist! And to add bureaucrats are adding to the bandwagon! :)

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I agree with what you said.. Frankly, the way I think is that women do not need reservation for anything. By reserving seats for her,you are not empowering them. On the contrary, you are highlighting the fact that they are incapable of competing with men.. And that is unacceptable..

ani_aset said...

I oppose any kind of reservation i would rather support anything that helps create an equal education equal opportunity

Sorcerer said...

I think this bill holds value.Ofcourse our woman doesnt need any sort of reservation, but think about the 'approach' of some political parties which bring in 'criminals' as representatives of the public. Such an instance can be stopped to a minimum limit by reserving certain amount of seats for the woman.
Lets take out the 'emotional' thingy behind MAN and WOMAN and 'Capabilitie' of woman

We have a woman president and I think we dont have to prove anything more than that with'FACTS'.

I think the bill can bring changes to the rural india in a much better way.

thoughts@ease said...

Well said sakshi.. But, i think we dont need any reservation to empower women. National/state Politics is a platform where leadership should come naturally in a person, be it a man or women. Lets do not forget that we had a very powerful prime-minister Mrs Indira Gandhi who made into the parliament and ruled like a legend widout reservation.

lets wish, thngs go smooth.

@ sorcy: dude, what good has our women president done to us so far. She is nothing better than a puppet. And has been in media for all wrong reasons. :D

thoughts@ease said...

also read mine at

Ramit Grover said...

I want a reservation too! Gah!

Jack said...


Read 2 posts. 55 words was good effort and it showed your state of mind too. On women reservation, it was done for panchayats and we carried out a study. The results were very disheartening. I feel that we should actually open more avenues for women in education and skill development rather than such reservations. Their empowerment is more important than this.We need to raise awareness level in masses to ensure women get their due.

Take care

Sakshi said...

@ Big Omi
Thanks for dropping in. See you here more often. Thanks for your words, I see you are a legal consultant, so you understand the bill.

@Chanz, Ease, Ani
Reservation, is normally done for a period of time, so that, once that section of people are aligned properly with what already is there, it can slowly be taken off.
This is something that is not followed in our country. A reservation is like a wild card entry. It is not about who or what is better, it is about giving a chance.

I read your post. :)

@Uncle J
I again will push on the fact that, the it is mostly the educated women who are victims of all the women hate crimes.
And, don't mind, the MOST discriminating profession for the ladies has been the armed forces. And, now that the courts have ordered things to change, hopefully they will for the better.

Truly spoken from his bald head.

Thanks sweetie.

Shalini said...

If it was an ideal world, I would not have supported the bill. I would have vouched for equal opportunity and giving the seats to people who do care about making a statement and improving the country. BUT, that world doesn't exist, does it? Women are no less corrupt or clever than men are. But given the conditions, we need people to use their "cleverness" for the benefit of their own gender...and if this bill is the only way to achieve it, so be it.