Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Love

There is something about first love. Its like the first rain in  the monsoon which cleanses you and scrubs the earth clean. Its the smell of the earth of that very shower.
Its about the first kiss that leaves you breathing hard, and the sensation of holding hands for the first time and feeling that current go through your body. Its about that hug which makes you feel special, or that look which tells you that yes you are special.

And you know there is something about first love, that will always make you smile. Be it the stupid fights, even more goofy things that you end up doing. It is that love which is the most pure. The one where you not only give your heart but also your soul.

Yes, call me a romantic at heart. Call me a fool, but then that is how I am. And that is how, love is, and love always will be for me.

I know that I am sounding a hopeful and a hopeless at the same time. But, then, this is one quality that only love can give you.
It is only when you fall in love, you discover yourself, the facets of your personalities that you can never really discover otherwise. The strength to cry all night, to laugh all night, and to look at the sky, the moon and the stars all night and then actually put in productive work the next day.
The smile on your face, the glow in your eyes, it gives it all away, but then you are always coy to hide it. To keep it safe from the world.

The thing about first love is that, it is the ONLY true love that you will ever find. All the rest, can touch your heart but never your soul...!!! 
Updated: Escapist wrote this poem today, and its such a coincidence that, its on the similar lines as this post.


Ramit Grover said...

Good luck in moving on.

That's not really that hard to do you know!

Ramit Grover said...

I'm really curious.

How is it that you start typing your post in one font and end it with another?

Escapist said...

oh...that's some how a little coincidence today i wrote some what same thing today......


ani_aset said...

though i agree to what you said here..but falling in love over and over again can touch your soul too as long as you are true in your heart :)

ani_aset said...

so i read a post and i am back to comment sakshi >:D< wont say much..god bless you

Shalini said...