Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cost of Living

You would have thought, that you are the bundle of joy to your parents. Of course you were. When I was born, the times were simpler. (I know, I sound old, but, trust me when I see my sister, I really believe in in the term, 'When I was born' )
I mean, there was no cable T.V., heck, DD2, was launched when I was 7 maybe. There was school, there were simpler birthday parties, and there was a concept of Holidays, yeah, like summer vacation in the hills.
But today,
The parties have to be themed, there has to be a digital television provider, there are over 500 channels in ever imaginable language, in every kind of genre that you can think of. There is the computer, which has made sure that, world is shrinking.
And, you work your ass off, and still crib, like really crib about the lack of money. I totally believe that, all of us have become such complex beings, and so, so, into the materialistic life that we have actually stopped really looking around.
I feel so bad, that, when I do my basic research on houses, house loans and dream of owning a house, of my own, its scares the hell out of me thinking, how the hell will I be able to afford one. Everything has become so expensive, that at times, I feel like an idiot to even ask for money from my father. I feel ashamed to use his money for my extravagance of eating out with friends. I mean, I avoid going to college, so that, yeah, I don't end up spending money, unnecessary.
You know, whenever, I hear about pay packets of my friends, and all, I feel so nice, always so happy for them that they are earning money. But, as soon as they start earning, they realise their cost of living-
Which is DAMN expensive.
And thus all our life, we try to make it beautiful, for people we love. Not really us. And, in the end, don't even have time to look around, and really live the life that we were always hoping for... or do we?
The world looks scary out there.
The practicalities, are pretty much giving killer looks, and if looks could have killed,
then, well, I am a ghost and BOO to you all!!!


Ramit Grover said...

Welcome to the real world little girl.

It's a bitch, and you're going to love it!

Jack said...


Read all pending posts. I am very sad at what happened. I will really appreciate if you can share it with me. I agree about First Love. It's memories are cherished. Beautiful poem. I always say women are much stronger and responsible than men. Don't you think we got to pay price for all this progress and development?

Take care

Ramit Grover said...

Hi Uncle J, I beg to differ when you mention that women are more responsible than men? I agree to you when you say they are stronger than men.

Well, mine certainly is!

Ramit Grover said...

So when's the housewarming? And where is it?

Am I invited? Why not? Why yes?

Chandni (Chanz) said...

Sakshi, you are a ghost for sure.. Why did u have to post this when my mom and dad's 25th anniversary is just round the corner and I cant figure out what to gift them.. Shit, I am feeling so embarrased that I have not saved a penny... I had thought abt the a new refrigerator. Or a new TV.. Whoa.. I cant even afford that.. Shit. shit. Shit.. I have to save in two months. I dont know why am i telling you this. Maybe coz the cost of living is so high... Poor me..

and hey.. I couldnt open your comments section page in the last posts.. or the last two maybe.. Dont know what was wrong.. And today I was waiting patiently and I think it finally opened in 10 clicks.. Dont know, a yellow coloured hand appears when I click on it everytime...

BTW, good to see you come back, strong.. :)

Sorcerer said...

Welcome to the real world..
life eej so fun...perception that is!

Sakshi said...

@TBG & Sorcy
Thanks for the welcome to the real world. Damn, I wish, I did not have to grow up.

Oh, My parents are also ready for their 25th in a couple of months. And, I have no money at all.
Even the celebrations only have my name on it, its paid by my Daddy the great.

@Uncle J
Thank you.

ani_aset said...

its getting so damn tough and i dread buying a house :( i dunno how it will ever happen

Shalini said...

Ditto...m scared too!