Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Touched by an Angel...

The morning that filtered in my room,
the smile that played along my lips,
the sweet dream that refuses to leave me,
in the wee hours of morning,
I know, I was,
Touched by an Angel...
Last night....

The nightmares are scared,
they are lost in the gloom of,
moonless night...
the stars are smiling down at me,
slowly encouraging me to look,
to see, to feel... and to engulf,
I know, that I will be,
Touched by an Angel...

I did not know..
that life often disguises itself,
that love can have forms that are,
way beyond the realm of the
Universe, the Gods and the mortals..
I know, that, I am,
Touched by an Angel...

I look in the mirror,
I see my eyes, and I see,
a life, that was fizzing out in style,
a smile that is playing across my lips,
lighting my face, like the new moon,
after a darkened night...
I know, that, I am touched by an Angel..

The road is still not clear,
the confusions loom and glare,
but slowly, the breathing in,
it seems to be in sync..
Who rules- heart over mind?
Mind over heart?
A question, Only time will answer...
Today, I know, I was,
Touched by an Angel...
I feel Beautiful again...


Anonymous said...

So now the question is, who's the angel eh?

Jack said...


Well written with very important question in the end. Optimistic too.

Take care