Saturday, March 20, 2010

The world is a Happy Place...

I have not written in quite some while. Seems like, slowly the words are going out of mind... the thoughts are turning, and running, and churning inside my mind, but nothing seems to come out when this blank page is open.
The world around me is a happy place.
Friends are getting hooked up and all set to get married. Friends are getting great jobs in the cities of their choice. There is enough work to keep most of the junta around me busy and content. The sister is on a school trip, where she and her friends have managed to click 700 photographs in like 2 days. It is going to another two weeks to just collate the pictures from the forty cameras that have gone on the trip. Oh, and she has made all of us really proud... I remember praying to God for passing me in my 11th grade, and she is amongst the top three in her class. Mom came back from her parent teacher teacher meeting in such happy mood that, my oversleepng was overlooked.
Yeah, the world is a happy place.

Outside there is happiness,
inside a turmoil..
As the sun sets every evening,
there is nothing really to look forward to,
in the next sun rise...

Slowly passions within,
are whithering away... 
giving way to fears that had..
long been forgotten and buried away..

In the darkest hours of the nights,
the tears roll down my cheeks,
the pain sears my heart,
as I battle to keep me sane..

This is not a war that I have lost,
'tis I know,
just a battle in the long lines of many to come,
just, lost the passion to fight..

Yes, the world is a happy place to be,
just not happy enough to squeeze
the pain out of my heart...
to put that smile back into my eyes,
and to give me back my passion,
to fight my life again...


BIG Omi said...

Yes world indeed is a very happy place to be with week starting! :) Have a great weekend... Be happy sakshi... go grab tht phone and call the random number from phonebook... :)

Jack said...


I do not wish to sermonize. Example of half full or half empty comes in my mind. Happiness is state of mind. Pain shows so well in the poem. But again is it not possible to go over the whole thing to see why and what? How I wish you get in touch. It seems very sad to see one whom you wish to see happy but are helpless for want of contact.

Take care

PS : No reply to comment on last post or visit.

Ramit Grover said...

When do you not oversleep? Huh?

ki said...

you don't have to fight your life sweetie, you just have to keep living it. you'll find that hope within yourself someday soon.

Shalini said...

And life goes on...