Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Money question.. Question of Money!

We celebrate the coming of the New Year, with full fervor on the 31st December of each year, and a couple of months later, we end up celebrating another new year of sorts! The Financial New year. Each year as we celebrate the budget speech of the Finance Minister, we hope and pray that somehow there is some miracle and something better than last year is given to us. Being, the earning, tax paying adults, the budget session happens to be the Christmas holiday and the budget, our Christmas gift.
Money makes the world go round. There is some magic in the green paper that makes one country a super power and the other a third world country.

But the question that is often faced and argued about between me and the boyfriend relates to something that should not be a question to argue about really.
Saving or Spending?

I am going to be honest about the fact that, whatever little I earn, I haven’t saved a penny out of it. And boyfriend rightfully says that, had I not had the comfort of a house and getting rides of and on by my father or peers, or the ease of food i.e tiffin from home and dinner at home et all, I would have not survived the real world in the little remuneration that I get. I agree on that point.
But, then I also believe that, if I had a higher salary then, I would not shy away from saving. And trust me, when I say saving, I mean saving some in my bank account and saving through investment.
Yes, I also agree that investments are a great way to not only logically grow money but also to save your tax. But, is that a substitute for not saving money otherwise? And by otherwise I mean, having some money in your bank account for contingencies. I mean, say a sudden expenditure like a hospital visit comes up, now you will not break your policies or investments to pay up the hospital bills? Or would you? Yeah, there is a credit card, but just in case you need some cash handy, and it is the end of the month, how in the world are you going arrange for that money?

 I know that it is a tough job to save money and not spend it as soon as it comes in your hand, but I also understand that, people do it. And I would also do it. I try my level best to not go overboard with my expenses. But I do.
And thus, my first cheque that I will get in the new financial new year, a part of it will go in the ‘active’ savings. I know that there are a million things that I want to do. And I also know that those million things will require lots of cash. From wanting my own car to a house. And on top of that, knowing that if a friend is getting married, or that I want to go out for a nice dinner, I wont really be going out of my pocket.

I may be talking like an idealist, but it is with an idea that a thing can grow to become a realty.
And I am leaving this question open to everyone, because, I really feel that a penny saved is a penny earned!


Rià said...

A very pertinent post for the working class. That reminds me that i am going to be jobless from tomorrow...quit my job a couplw of days back.

P.S Have added ur blog to my blog roll, hope u dont mind. :)

Sakshi said...

Oh, really? All the best in finiding a new one, and if any help is required, please do drop in a word! And I have blogrolled you too :)

Rià said...

The new one will happen only after i reach the new place that i am going to, i am leaving India soon. :) Thanks for adding me.

Sakshi said...

Awesome :) All the best :) can't wait to read about your new experiences :)

Bikram said...

ah ha the question of investement .. I a msuppsoedly working in a good place and Supposedly I am earning a good salary .. I dont deny that but if you ask me to show you my bank it has ZILCH in it .. and even i cant think WHY i have not saved or why i cant after so many years :( so when you know how do tell me tooo...

no idea what to say ...


Rohit Dassani said...

I agree with you... well u have an option to put ur money on recurring deposit... u can break anytime and put anything u like every months!! I am really skeptic about the life of the 'active' saving..... :) do tell us!! :)

Alka Gurha said...

Always tricky...and to each his own...I am a saver. Also depends on which stage of life you are..

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I realised that too after a major shopping spree I was on a couple of months back..
Thankfully, I haven't started earning yet, cos I would have spent it all :P I'm trying to save and cut down on expenses too so that it can become a habit once i've started earning..