Friday, April 29, 2011

Note to self..

I really have to lose weight.

How in the world will I ever do that?

I can't wake up in the morning, because, I am mostly up late nights.

I come home by 9ish on most of the days...

How in the WORLD, am I going to fit in my pants, again?

Thanks to the material called lycra, it atleast helps me wear my kurta's with churidars.. but I am running out of clothes to wear to office..

Can't cut down on food..

Bloody, hell, I am becoming a gol gappa.. shucks... I have to start losing weight! ASAP

Just the usual conversation that I have with myself, a million times daily, without any result! 


xte2yzyo said...

Discipline will bail you out. Sacchi. A regular exercise regime =]

Sakshi said...

Right girl! And I don't even remember the last time i did 'discipline!'

Suruchi said...

arre...u look cutest aise he...koi size zero-shero pe nahi jaane ka...
stay the same...stay awesome...and phir boyfriend ke saath jab niklo, to match bhi to karna chaiye na;-)

Vagabond said...

Have fruits and don't stress yourself. Sometimes all-nighters or late-nighters add to the weight!