Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is India?

I have been restraining myself from giving out any commentary on the recent hoo hoopla of SRK, Shiv Sainiks and Rahul Gandhi.
The reason is simple- I totally love SRK and Rahul, and I totally abhor Shiv Sainiks and the likes of em. I hate the fact that, they divide India into their own turf, like its not a country but a piece of bread. It hurts- Yes, it does. It hurts to see, that India, today is at such a position that every step that we take is gauged by the world, but instead of taking this opportunity to make our country strong, to really accelerate our market value, our politicians leave no stone unturned to embarrass India at the world level.
We have the Thackreys - and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and RSS, who will go to any length to make sure that normality of life is not an option with the common man.
I agree, that, to support Pakistani Players, and their cause by SRK, was a tad bit taking things to an extreme level, because, his team also did not take any players from Pakistan. But, this was a small issue that was supposed to finish off at a point- but no- it has to be stretched like a chewing gum... there is a mandatory destruction of property-    PUBLIC property. And, ofcourse, display of power politics.
Is this India?
If this is- Then who is responsible for it? No darling, its not the politicians, It is US. There is a very simple rule- that says- No one can exert power on you- unless you let them exert power over you.
That is where we lose points.
We the people... has simply become a phrase out of our constitution. Oh, no- We are always so ready and willing to take to the roads for all the wrong reasons.
How many times have we taken the road and have actually taken a stand for a real reason? How many times have we protested to the government against the increasing rape cases? Or, how about asking them to put sensible forward laws in place?
How many times have you done your bit to stand up against a wrong? And by wrong I do not mean, going ahead and damaging the public property, for discouraging Valentine's Day celebrations, or making a hue and cry over that fact that-
Jaya Bachchan prefers hindi over marathi...
There are villages who have no electricity, water, or sanitation... there are farmers who are suiciding and there is a education system that is age old... there is a judiciary who has a huge backlog, the public transport system is not perfect ANYWHERE in our country...
But- We are in India, it is so much more important to fan what SRK has to say, about Pakistan. It is very important, that the Fundamentalist parties do everything against the basic ideals of democracy and still get away... because the people instead of using their brains to think, just follow blindly. Blind faith on a  Politician is the sure shot way to getting a one way ticket to the no brain land.
I am not saying not follow your political religion, All I am trying to say is, that- Please start using your brains, start questioning the authorities on their mis use of power and position.
India- is US- You, me and the common man.
In the era of sensational journalism, we have forgotten the very reasons why India was enslaved for over 200 years- We all were divided, and therefore we were being ruled. Let us try to put behind the pettiness of being an Indian, and let us start cherishing the 'Golden' past, the heritage, that makes India, the unique country that it is!!

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Keep the faith. Because India is really US. Only if we react and respond will there be a change. Kudos for this nice article.

Ramit Grover said...



Next time Kasab and company come to India, let's put all the Bal's and the Laloo's and the Mayawati's in front of them to be shot dead.

Won't that be a dream come true?

Ramit Grover said...

Does Bal T have a role to play anyway? I mean, what does he do for a living?

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Thanks for reminding about Flirtous Week. This post is real thought provoking. If media does not give too much of weightage to such incidents, these persons will not gain any popularity. Media should concentrate on real issues of progress in all fields and highlight wherever it is lacking.

Take care

Sakshi said...

Wow, I just saw your site- Awesome work..!! And thanks for dropping by. Patience- Yeah, that is what India has been doing for ever it seems!!!

I think that is a GREAT idea. At one time, being the part of the government was prestigious, now its simply dirty.
BAl T- Has no job. His only job is to trouble us. And, making stupid remarks.

@Uncle J
Thanks for agreeing...!!! :)

Sorcerer said...

Firstly..the article is something to the point and really good.

politicians are so jobless and only thing they can do is use the old tactic of divide and rule thingy.

its only a matter of time they are dumped royally by the youths.

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I think what SRK did was absolutely correct. Somebody has to speak up against the stupid comments of Shiv Sena...

I really appreciate the 'aman ki asha' concept. I think Shiv Sena isnt impressed by it too.. I dont know if they have already revolted against it too. If they havent then they would just like they did with SRK..

Sakshi said...

@ Sorcy
When will the youth really decide to dump them? they are more concerned with their salary packages... bloody hell the least you can do is to vote properly, but that is also too much of work... right?

movies, cricket and music, has kept the bond intact. Unfortunately in between all the politics, what people really want has not been considered ever.
This is india, It is functioning fine, thanks to all THE GODS!!