Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Once- I want the time to stop, or maybe not.

I am perpetually confused. Something that, I am not so proud of. But, then what is life without two things to choose from.
A dilemma always makes up for the monotony of the daily life.
So, on Monday-
I turned in my Examination form, for my 10th Sem. The final semester. And, even though there was enough chaos around the entire faculty at that time, I could feel a different kind of buzz in me. I was sad, that it is going to get over finally, and on the other hand, I was feeling, all excited, thinking, wow, finally the tedious five years are going to end.
From being called written off as an outcast, to being the Best Student of the college, it has been an eventful journey. Well, if nothing else, I have pretty much figured out the bus routes of Delhi. And, THE most exciting part of the entire time period was- The 1.5 hour journey one way. I have traveled the way the world on a budget travels... and seen so many people.

And, in 10 days time, My college fest will start. Its already a madhouse out there. I being the co-ordinator is NO  help. I lose my temper, go crazy trying to squeeze in every ego demand... but no help. I am in almost all the events as a participant and as a co-ordinator.
So, life is a mad house.
And, despite my crankiness, I know that I want to do everything- because this is the last fest. My last chance, to be on my own stage. I am going to miss all of this a little.

And, with absolutely no idea, where and what turn life is going to take next, college (even though far off) looks like the safest bet...!!!
Can time stop and let me analyse? Please!!!


Ramit Grover said...

*Reads the post*
*Gets up to get the phone*
*Finds phone*
*Dials a number from it*
*Calls Father Time on his personal Airtel Mobile Phone*
*Requests him to Stop Time for Sakshi for some days*
*Hangs up*
*Returns to Desk*
*Logs in to the stock market blog*

Shalini said...

Oww man...just got off organising our college fest myself...i was only an event head but still!! Too much work!
Explains my exile from blogging eh? N bus routes...hehe...same here. Hi5!
Last sem...always mixed emotions. Enjoy every bit.