Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Name is Khan

.... Khan from the epiglottis. 

Yes!!! Finally, finally, I got to see the movie. Trust me, sometimes it is good not to listen to friends who tell you that the movie is not good. It's almost like- Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder sort of a thing when it comes to movies like My Name is Khan.
My father was not too impressed and I Loved it . And, a lot of blogs had already narrated the story, and smses that had given away the suspense. To be very honest, those posts and smses could not even come close to what the story was. What did they miss out?
Well, the entire movie.

The movie is much more than the story. It was the strong performances by ALL ALL the actors in the movie. The movie is so not like typical Karan Johar movies. MNIK shows another side of KJo, a side which he has beautiful put on the big screen.
SRK as Rizwan Khan has done a great job. Only a great actor can portray with such panache such difficult role. Look at his eyes carefully and you will realise that they are constantly unfocused, like they are supposed to be.

Kajol as Mandira was at her BEST. From the very first shot that she entered the movie, she takes your breath away. She is looking beautiful. Perfection at her best.

Kajol & SRK- OMG OMG- The chemistry that they create on the screen, it crackles on screen and comes right on your face. Be it a simple hair cut that Kajol  gives to SRK, or the conversation between them on their wedding night.
As an autistic Rizwan doesn't like being touched...on that night
Mandira- Khan, you know, this can't be done without touching.
Khan- I know.
Mandira- You know?
Khan- Yes I read it in this book- Intercourse for Dumbos.
It was funny, sweet, and in a way sexy.

Jimmy Shergill & Sonya Jehan as Rizwan Khan's brother and sister in law have done a great job. A special applause to Sonya, she did her part in the movie with sooo much of grace, that it was wow.

And EVERY other actor be it the mother, the kids who were the part of the movie... they all were at their best.

Now,People have been screaming hoarse saying that the plot is lose. That the story is just about okay. The message of the movie is so simple. And at the same time so BEAUTIFUL. The movie focuses on the good. And not on the evil. The movie talks about a love that just knows love. Who wouldn't want to be with a man who would go to any lengths just to tell her and express her how much he loves her. This essence of the strory was missed by most, or so I feel.
I think, that, where ever, 9/11 has been talked about in the movies, or the atrocities following 9/11 have been talked about, it was only hate. Only violence that was shown.
And this is where the movie is different. It does show the atrocities, but it also shows the love and the kindness of the people.
It shows the initial apprehension of the american society towards the Muslims at large, but it also shows the acceptance in the form of Sara, who despite losing her husband was okay being friends with Mandira, or the saloon owner who gave her the job, or Mama Jenny who fed Khan and gave him shelter.

World would be much more beautiful place to stay, if we just understand that where even hate and rage can't push a mountain, love can melt it. The movie touched my heart. And I totally loved it.

From the trailer of Kites- How so you say 'I Love You' in Hindi? Main ullu ki patthi hoon.
Totally apt translation I must say...!!! 


Anonymous said...

Gosh you're good. You make me want to go see the movie again.


Anonymous said...

I love you in Hindi. The translation is good.

Very apt. I do agree with you wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

And thanks for tagging me. Much appreciate it.

And of all the people, it's only you who managed to figure out why what I typed was not the entire story, so hats off to you.

Anonymous said...

Uh and I am curious, which movie is Kites?

Sakshi said...

Kind comments. Thank you.
Kites is the new Hritik Roshan flick. It comes out this summer.

Anonymous said...

Hrithik? Gah! Who cares!

I envy that guy. He's got a body of rubber.

My chubby tummy does not appreciate that fact.

Jack said...


Read 6 pending posts now. Beautiful poems. I am sure you will make name for yourself as good poetess. It is not possible to please everyone and one who tries it fails to make any true friends. I agree with the quote, be yourself and follow your conscience. Past is gone but one can draw lessons from it to have better time in present ensuring future is pleasant. Though I have not seen the movie but what I have heard about it is good.

Take care