Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Play..

What happens if you are chubby girl, who like to laugh and doesn't mind getting her leg pulled? is butt of all the jokes, and takes them sportingly and always sticks to the fact- That it doesn't matter, I have to be a sport- I can't be like a snob and touchy touchy girl about every thing in life.
Life gives it back to you-
When people start saying- That you are a fake and bitch about you behind your back and smile with all 32 pearls on your face.
You are taken for a ride all the time, because YOU are the flexible one, and come what may you will be able to accommodate everybody's needs, and satisfy their ego.
But no one cares if in the process of keeping everyone happy whether you are happy or not. Or whether, the person who is trying to make you smile had been making their own life miserable so that you can smile.

What is that you get in return?
Not happiness. Take that from me. You are often left without friends, and are one of the MOST lonely person ever. Because, in a bit to be selfless, you lose out on your individuality and your identity. You are sick of being played by all, including life, and when you just about- make your heart strong enough to make a life changing decision, something comes and plays you more.
Just when you think that, you have it all figured out, you realise, that nothing that you have done is going to reap any happiness for you. And you wonder, where are all the good deeds of you trying to make everyone happy go?
Down in the dumps- Says God.
After all, God only helps those, who help themselves, but you have you have been helping everyone else but your own self.
You have to be selfish- but you never learnt that- Maybe its too late now... but you wouldn't know that, because- Its too late now.

Ohh, you'll wind up broken
At the end of the round
Won't find your spirit
In a lost and found
Oh I've been watching
How you behave
Not much like a lover
More like a slave


Ramit Grover said...

I love the quote at the end. That's nice. Well it's good to be selfish too at times.

Just be yourself though. It's the best way to be.

Good luck!

Banupriya said...

Nice post.. straight from the mind.. Yes being self and finding your identity is a must many a times. There is no point in being selfless when people around u doesn't understand its meaning. Leave it appreciating, it should be atleast considered.

Sakshi said...

Thank you- These are lyrics from a saong called Blue Eyes by Mika.

Well, i guess that is what life is all about... tough lessons learnt...

Jack said...


I tried posting a comment yesterday but it was not taken as net misbehaved. It is not at all possible to please everyone. One should never try as it would rather make one unhappy as someone or the other will keep passing silly comments. Just be yourself and nice to people without losing self respect, mind you I am not saying EGO. If you feel that someone is crossing decent limits while cracking jokes at your expence, just be polite and excuse yourself to move out of that circle. Do what your conscient allows and just be normal.

Take care

санжог said...

I believe that :

1. Not expect anything about good things...coz they are good anyway.... not to be worried about.

2. Only think of problems that I can solve.

3. I cannot control people. I do not expect anything from any one. If I don't like them I move on. If i start expecting I'd be disappointed. If I am expecting..means that I am selfish.

shashank said...

Nice post Sakshi..
Indeed being selfless seldom brings the coveted happiness..
All one ought to stay happy if at all one intends to spread happiness
great poetry
Keeping posting
Looking to more from you