Friday, February 5, 2010

Am I in the 21st Century?

Let me try and figure that out-

1. The date says that its 2010.
2. I have broadband connection at home.
3. I have a mobile phone and a Laptop.
4. Well, gay marriage has been given a sanction atleast by the Delhi High Court.
5. Oh, social networking has changed the definition of finding play mates in a play ground, now we have Farmville to play and plough with.
6. India, is being recognized in all spheres, be it movies, music, book- The world really cares for what India has to say.
7. Hmmmm, what else, oh yeah- Did I talk about the open economy and blah blah, or the western world coming here!!!
 But are these 7 points (you all are more than welcome to add more points) more than enough to say- That India is truly coming of age? Is internet, laptop, and cheap technology more than enough proof of a New Age India?? 

We are a nation of TRUE HIPPOCRATES. I think, I have never come across, anybody, as double faced as We The Indians... 
Yeah, you did not know that? That!! 
That we have Most of the Goddesses in EVERY religion who is a female, but, NONE of the male specie would consider that fact before staring at our breasts, trying to grope our ass in a highly stuffed public transport.
I am not going to go in the stats at all. There is no point. I just know, that- I am a Girl. And, I hate sitting the bus, when some one or the other, tries to close in on to me.
I just know, that, when our politicians make such statements,
“You can’t blame the locals; they have never seen such women. Foreign tourists must maintain a certain degree of modesty in their clothing. Walking on the beaches half-naked is bound to titillate the senses,” New Delhi’s Mail Today newspaper quoted Pamela Mascarhenas, Goa’s deputy director of tourism, as saying Friday.

There was a time in India, that in the coastal regions, the women never covered their breasts up. They used to wear just a lungi, that is it. And this woman, says that Indian have not seen such kind of women.
EXCUSE ME: Women are women. They have boobs and a vagina. What are the various kinds though? Please Enlighten.

But no, no would stand up for me, when, I start shouting in the bus, that this man is trying to touch me. The scenario is so scary that, I fear, that I might get raped if I provoke the man. So, I just have to move away. (Yes, I am ashamed of myself).
I feel sorry for myself, and then angry at myself and then sorry for myself. Because, I happen to be  a law student, I cannot even raise my voice against the injustice that happens to me. 
The worst of course are the politicians, who, make statements like above, and they know, that there would only be a section of people who will react to it, and then the tide will blow over.
Then, there are people who are making all the effort, to make sure that, people are mobilized and that something can happen.  There are bloggers, who are spreading the word, why can't we also join the gang?
We forget that, We are a democracy. The politician CANT do anything that is against us. But, only if we stand united, and actually make them notice. We forgot THE basic lessons, from our freedom struggle. What Gandhi was able to do was to UNITE the people of India against the evil of the oppressive rule. We are being suppressed again. And, we do not realize it.

Its not only the issue, of women and little girls being raped. Its also, about, how unimportant issues take a bizzare shape, when being misled by a handful of mean politicians. Its about how you, me- The youth is being played at by their hands.
I do not need to remind anyone on the blogsphere, especially the young and in in love, that The Valentine's day is round the corner, and that we should all brace ourselves to more acts of mindless violence... because the politicos do not like our culture being 'westernized' ... the fuckers should first get their priorities right. Instead of working hard in making sure that the youth of the country has a progressive thinking, they make sure that- They push us to such a limit, that, we pack our bags and run away from the country. 
It is such a sad state of affairs, that at times I doubt, if the calendar is showing me that right dates.
PS: Please do visit each of the link that has been provided in the post.
And, spread the word about- The Blank Noise Meeting on the 27th of February in New Delhi. 

And PEOPLE- React- Only our reaction together can spark a movement and make the government to take an action against such people who think that they cab get away with anything.
Thank you for the patient reading.


Jack said...


Caught up with all pending posts. Just one person can make you feel so happy. You are not jinxed. Just take this in stride. What happened in the leap of faith? So in few months you are going to be a full fledged lawyer. This post is very outright and thought provoking. I visited one link but my PC got hung so I had to do emergency shut down. Please do let me know details of the said meeting. You can write to me,if you wish to.

Take care

Ramit Grover said...

Thank you for putting this up Sakshi. Much appreciate it.

La Figlia Che Piange said...

You can't fight the patriarchy. Who made the godesses? The gods, ofcourse. Who made the gods? The Brahmins. My father is a brahmin but I am caste less because my caste will change to the caste of the man I marry. So brahmin women don't exist. Therefore, brahmin MEN made godesses. No amount of laws will help because women will still be stuck in a society that says men are more right. Our society just needs to get over the patriarchal system.

Sakshi said...

@ Uncle J
The meeting is on the 27th feb. Please do visit the link provided... for all updates. :)

Glad, I was able to do my bit.

Well, lets just say that I do not agree with the whole concept of the caste system that is in our society.
And, I am not trying to fight patriarchy- I am trying to awaken their sense of dignity and respect for women.
It was in this patriarchal society, that in the Vedic times, a woman was treated as an equal to a man.
Times change, people change, society has to accept change. All, I am trying to emphasize here is that OUR society need to accept change-
1. That a woman- is no more purdah clad, but modern.
2. She earns. She has self respect of her own too.
3. Just because a woman wears jeans, does not mean she is a whore.

And, in some ways, the system only will have to be put in place because otherwise our society is a stagnant mass. It were laws only that abolished child marriage and sati.
So, just hoping to mobilize women to fight for the dignity of women all over.

blank noise girl said...

thanks sakshi. linking you!

Mr Happy said...

thought provoking one,,,,

Anonymous said...

Spread some light on my Blog too after reading yours and some more :)

You can check this -