Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have believed in this four letter word, and have believed in the power of these four alphabets put together to form THE most powerful emotion that the world has ever known.
We have all read and heard about the legendary lovers, and each of us has a love story to narrate. We all have had the love, lost it.. only to find it again.

I know, that I have found mine, and in lots of ways it is not perfect. Rather, it is the very imperfection of the love story that I have- that makes it exciting. Its the heated argument after the whole day of not talking, or about the cute cooing noises when I am sad. Or about forcing me to come out of my shell, against all the odds of me being me. It is about doing something totally out of this world in this very world.

The heady feeling after the kiss, that fragrance that is left behind in my hair after each caress... be it telling me- No point taking the stress baby... and then doing exactly that.
Not being the most romantic person on earth, but then being the unexpected bastard that you are. For telling me all the time, that it is ok, for me to wait, but, being impatient like hell, to meet me.
From pulling me close into your arms and crushing me in your embrace, to that parting kiss. I feel each moment within me... and I know that-

I have been touched by Love- Forever & Always... <3
I love you...

Happy Valentine's all my lovely readers. Lets spread, the love- yesterday, today and tomorrow.

There's always something 

In the way 
There's always something 
Getting through 
But it's not me 
it's You 

Sometime's ignorance 
Rings true 
But hope is not in 
What I know 
Not in me 
It's in You 

It's all I know 

And I find peace 
When I'm confused 
I find hope when 
I'm let down 
Not in me 
But in You 

I hope to lose myself 
For good 
I hope to find it in the end 
Not in me 
It's You 
It's all I know 


Ramit Grover said...

I sure hope Shayon gets to read this, for it is beautifully written, way better than mine. I also hope Shayon reads it for I know mine won't read mine ever.

Oh well. Life. Shit happens.

Happy V Day to you and to Shayon. May you have many many more.

Shalini said...

Happie Valentine's day girl!!May not just this day...but every day of your life be filled with loads and loads of love.
I love this song-Switchfoot is one of the best bands ever!

Rohit Dassani said...

Sahi hai....Happy Valentine's day....let the spark never get over...!!!


Sakshi said...

I can also only hope that he reads it...!! :P

Thanks for the best wishes...

thanks you thanks you

Chandni (Chanz) said...

This is super cool.

never realised that an imperfect love story could become just too perfect..

NesQuarX said...

It's so amusing to see what this phenomenon that you speak of does to people... Oh well, enjoy!