Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rolling down my cheeks...

Rolling down my cheek,
streaking with the saltiness..
where did you come from?

Did you come out of the pain in my heart,
or the joy that I am pretending to have?

I can taste you now, on my lips..
you are tangy and bitter,
and you make me wonder...
you make me wonder if you will ever leave me,
and when you do,
will you leave me hollow,
or leave me happy?

Always sitting on the edge of my eyes,
you are damn good at threatening to spill,
going all out on me,
bloody traitors...
Can't hide behind the veil of my eyes,
can never really keep a secret...

And as you streak down my other cheek,
I can taste my sadness, the bitterness,
all in one drop...

Leave me alone,
go somewhere, where you will be valued...
you have been spilling out of my eyes,
yesterday, today and tomorrow..
My eyes are tired of you-
I am tired of you...
Oh why...
Can't I be happy without you bothering me?


Sorcerer said...

wow!! nice..

Ramit Grover said...

Er... This is an intelligent post.

Therefore, I am not eligible to comment!


Chandni (Chanz) said...

i was touched.. (sob sob)

ani_aset said...

yaar too much sadness :(..precious pearls are not to be wasted

Sakshi said...

Sorcy likes me poems. YIPEE

Thanks :)

You are a crazy fellow.

Well, something close to my heart.