Friday, May 14, 2010


My exams are exactly in a week. I am going to finish them in 10 days of when I start.
I have no clue where am I at the end of my graduation, which I am hoping happens in the coming three months.
I cannot really forsee me going out of this city, let alone out of this country.
Which I want- Truly, madly, deeply

Studies are at their worst best.
Practical file is moving at a snail pace. I have fucked up royally.
I feel like crying. ONE whole day wasted because I fell ill.

Oh, to make matter worse- The Bar Council of India, is going to have bar examinations to enroll lawyers- NEW lawyers. Yeah, why would things be easy when it comes to me? Now when over so many dumb lawyers have already been admitted to the bar ( NO ITS NOT A PLACE TO DRINK BEERS OR ALCOHOL) the experiment had to be DONE ON ME.

I need, God, to bless me. I need prayers to get me through this year.
This year is getting worse each day that passes by. The weather is bad, the health is bad. The decisions by the world are going bad. Stupid Indian team gets kicked out of T20 world cup... the whole goddamn world is stupid dumb place to be RIGHT NOW.

Am so lost & Cranky. BLAH.


Neo said...

See, I'm convinced that all my dear friends are meant for greatness, and you're no exception. I know the world is a horrible place to be right now but let's just hope things start falling into place in a while. For example even though the 'men' cricket team got kicked out of the world cup, the Women Cricket Team is kicking ass in their world cup!

This is the cosmos trying to placate you, trying to tell you that darling Sakshi, we'll get you through this. And if they don't, I will. OK?

Love and hugs :)

Shayon said...

You want God to bless you? Fir toh ho gaya. You rather the Devil himself by your side, I tell you :-)

Chandni (Chanz) said...

come sweety... dont b so lost... I know you'll make through the worst...



ani_aset said...

by the time i write this your exams must be over and you must be getting worried about what next? dont bother about indian team, the bcci is near to killing the golden goose, and its about time they realise that. lets hope for a better performance in the asia cup.