Friday, August 13, 2010


Sometimes there are days that make you feel like there is actually hope for being happy. That there is hope that things will, and things would tun around for the better. That there is actually a great power at work that makes the sure that you do move on in life.

Today I feel humbled by that great power which has made sure that I do smile and feel good about the life that is taking shape in front of me.
Day before yesterday I sent my very first invoice. And on that day, I felt a jolt of realization that, I have grown up. That, I have actually taken a step forward in my career, even if it is for something as small as drafting of an agreement. *actually it is not such a small deal, in big law firms you don't get to draft half a line, here I did the whole thing on my own, and I am proud of myself*.
And, today, I got my first cheque as a lawyer!
And, I felt so good about it. I felt like, finally the five years are bearing the fruit, its small now, but I am sure that it will ripen it into a great big fruit.
*Analogy not happening, I am totally teary right now *

There is of course Shayon moving to Delhi.

Life is slowly setting into pace. And, I am just thanking God that after the entire turmoil of the past couple of months, whereby I thought that I am doomed.. I think, this year may not be as bad as it has been to me for the last couple of months... !! And, I say *Touchwood* that life is finally moving on, step by step...


Shalini said...

Yaay!! So happy for you...:D

Suruchi said...

Touchwood...touchwood too Sakshi!
And yiy yiy yiy on the first pay check...
So where are we partying again Ms. Awesome Lawyer?:-)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Very happy to read this, and very exciting milestones! To feel that you are out in the world and starting to do what you prepared for is a great thing. And definitely not doomed...I think that you have shown the strength weathered such a time means you never will be doomed (and will hopefully realise this)...and life will surely get even better very soon! :)

Sakshi said...

Fingers crossed.. all the way down in my feet too..

Come on, lets party..

Amen, to all that you have said. Love you.