Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Man who wrote Love: Eric Segal

There is probably no one in this world who has created so much magic out of words, someone who made millions believe in Love.
Even though, he never knew that he had a fan in me, or rather I have never really done anything fannish.. I am his HUGE fan. I totally love his books... all of them.

Eric Segal died on Sunday, at the age of 72. All the skeptics who do not believe in love will probably not give two hoots about him. But, I sure loved that man for the sheer magic that he created out of his books and his words.
Unlike most of the people who know him because of Love Story, I read 'Only Love' first. And Love Story came last.
In all his books, I have felt the compassion of his characters run through me. I have felt the love, the hatred and above all, I felt a part of his books.

His books made me believe that, I will find my Prince Charming and that someday, there would truly be my own 'Happy Ever After' .
And, I pray with all my heart that may his soul rest in peace and that his books keep spreading the message of love all over the world.
In other news- Cadbury is being taken over by Kraft in the U.K. somewhere in between all the business, the true taste of chocolate will be lost. I am going to lose my favourite chocolate also now!!! :(


Sorcerer said...

I thought I would learn the Anatomy of love..through Eric Segal.
Read his book DOctors!!

Awesome!! i re read it many times

Sorcerer said...

I thought I would learn the Anatomy of love
so I read his book Doctors

he is a wizard in writing.
amazing the way he writes..

Quirky said...

You worded it right 'sheer magic'

I remember crying so much over Love Story.. then feeling a lil silly.. then realizing that I'm not then only one to have sobbed over it.

Rohit Dassani said...

Oh my hard earned Bournville will no longer be there...thats a sad news...but Kraft is an amazing fast food chain...i hope they introduce them to India.... lets keep our fingers crossed for sometimes!!

Dewdrop said...

I just blogged about the news and came back and saw this post. He is a wonderful author and I cried buckets while reading 'Love Story'

May he rest in peace

Rohit Dassani said...

Oooppss I forgot to mention... whats my current favourite chocolate....any guesses??? ....Cote Dor from Kraft foods....totally yummmy...milk chocolate filled with powder coca powder. They too make some amazing chocolates. :)

Jack said...


He may have left us bodily but his legend will always remain with us. May he be given cosy place in heaven.

Take care

PS : I do not think Kraft can afford to lose market by altering Cadbury makes. Let us hope for the best.

Sakshi said...

@ Sorcy
Phew- Really?

@ Uncle J
I hope that it is true for the cadbury.

@ Rohit
I officially don't like you anymore. How can you NOT like cadbury.

@ quriky & Dew drops
I cried, in all his books. I cried in love story. But most of all I cried in 'Only Love'. It shook me up.

Ramit Grover said...

RIP Eric. God bless your soul.

Kraft is a good company. Don't worry about it. It'll taste the same.

Rohit Dassani said...

When did i say i hate cadbury....i love it... better all i am saying it.... we can have a lot many options afterwards!! They cant dissolve Dairy milk for sure....!!

So are we good again?