Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mom's just don't give up do they?

Not that, we kids are any better...but sometimes, it does get on to your nerves.
So, I am short in height. My parents are not that tall either, but yeah whatever. My mother has a habit of pushing things on my face .. something which I detest.

So, instead of listening to her, about- 'Sakshi, please, exercise to grow your height' I just ignored her most of the time. Because, truly speaking, I did not know what really to expect. Plus- to top it all- I am a lazy girl, when it comes to exercising... So, all I used to do was, to please her- I used to do minimal exercise.
Oh and she never stopped at one thing- So, all the experimental suggestions were used upon me. (My sister is much much better.. and taller.)
So in her latest bid to get me just two more inches taller- She is bought some shoe sole kinda thingy, that you have to walk with for 15 mins or some shit like that. It is yet to come, and I will report to you if I actually manage to gain height.

But- Mom is Mom.
So here is the deal:
1. I have to wear the plastic sole twice a day and walk in them for 30 mins EACH time.
doesn't sound so difficult...
2. I have ti get up EARLY every morning to accommodate the 30 mins of walk each day, add to that 20 mins of exercises, EVERY MORNING.
And Lastly-
I have to do some shitty diet control- That means I have to cut down on carbs and fat. That basically means I am royally screwed. Because, this has to happen for 3MONTHS!!!

To top- it- I have my dear mother, who says is going to dance on my head- up, down, left right and center. That irks me the most.
Welcome to DOOM LAND.


Quirky said...

Nah darlin they never do..N thats why they are so lovable:) My empathies though ;)

Ramit Grover said...

Oh you poor dear!

You need to go out for a walk every morning at 6 AM!

It might not help! But it's an idea!


Jack said...


I will ask you when you become mother as to what you feel towards your child.

Take care

Sorcerer said...


makes you sharper "taller" stronger

Quirky said...

N hey..nice pic..pretty pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Uncle Jack sure has a point Sakshi! I agree with him. :)

Rohit Dassani said...

Well nothing to worry abt u will come out with flying colours...ok height gain....just join swimming and drink complain....!! Weight lose....write hot water with lime every morning...!! thats all from Mom Part 2.

Sakshi said...

Thanks for the compliment on my picture.
And thanks for the empathy.

You- Well, guess what- I am getting up at 6 in the morning. BAH!!! In winters.

@Uncle J
Ohkay- This is something that I have noticed in my own house- That- with time, parenting changes. And, from the kind of bringing up that we have had, My kids would have it totally differently- because- Times would have changed. And, thus- You never know.

I have been swimming for 17 years. I hate complan.

ani_aset said...

i love moms :)..i just wish shes ok with your height thing :)

Shalini said...

Oooh...I refuse to believe in the height thing! Did it work btw??
But the diet and exercise could do some good. ;)