Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here are some quick updates...!!! (The LONGER post is still due..Palease bear..)

  • The show was awesome fun. It was a crazy technical reharsals, crazier giving the final perfomance and craziest was the after show effect... when we all went mad in the green room sorts.
  • The weekend was great. Guess what? Kashvi came to DELHI...!!! And we MET!!! It was a GREAT saturday. The cherry on the top? Well, Shayon also came and joined us.. that meant an impromptu date for us. It was so cool..!!!
  • Sunday was langar organized by us at the local gurudwara, and phew, it was hot and humid. And then, I went Red Spaghetti hunting.
  • My internship started today. Very chilled out place..almost feels like a startup. Just three of us in office.
  • Rains. FINALLY. Dreamcatcher's threats have finally worked. Or maybe, she did do the rain dance or gave a human sacrifice to the Gods.
  • Now, the rains are great. The INSECTS are YUCK.
  • And all those who are wondering, why isn't Kashvi updating, well, poor girl's comp crashed. Wish her comp a quick and healthy recovery.
Happy Doctors Day, to all the dear Doctors.


Neo said...

The computer is a little better now. And I updated. Thanks for mentioning it here though. :)

Oh and btw, I miss talking to you on a local call now. :(

Sakshi said...

I Miss YOU SOO much. Please come back..!!!

Shayon said...

wow! all the sisterly love spreading around, eh?

Jack said...


I am glad that show went off very well and you all enjoyed it. One has to bear little pain to enjoy good things, so insects have to be tolrated.

Take care

Anonymous said...

oh la la