Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Glass wall

Thin lines on the floor,
and that glass wall...
I see you on the other side,
but can't touch you or feel you,
right here by my side...

I go to that glass wall..
press my face to it,
willing you to look at me too,
you look past me,
into an oblivion,
that I can't see...

I shout your name,
the glass bounces it back at me,
I hear my voice in my ears,
calling your name, but you,
my dear cannot hear...

I reach out, across that,
thin line on the floor..
willing you to take me in your arms,
once again...
but what divides us is not that glass wall,
nor those thin lines on the floor..

It is our worlds that are far apart,
they were one, once...
there was the gray, no the hues,
that the colour pallet was mazed at..
today there is black on one side,
white on the other...

Light is where you are standing,
my love..
Darkness is which, is slowly engulfing me,
I see your last glimpses before it covers my eyes,
and tears mist them too,
Ah, there, I see a smile...
Now, I know, I can be in peace,
with myself too.

I wake up again...
not dreading another day,
I had seen you smile the other day,
and the glass wall today,
seems like a friend to me,
what yesterday was a foe..
That glass wall,
the one from which I see you..


Ramit Grover said...

Applause. First prize.

Shayon said...

Will for it, and it will happen,
Will the voice to reach, and it will happen,
Will for the darkness to go away, and it will happen,
Will for the glass wall to shatter, and it will happen.
All you need to do, is will for it.
And it will happen.

Suruchi said...

Hi Sakshi...
Poetically perfect...
Emotionally effortless...
And impeccably impactful...
I love the way you pick up simple things in life to create a beautiful allegory...
Keep writing:-)

Chandni (Chanz) said...