Friday, March 26, 2010

With a Lil Luck..

I hope that things work out for the best.
My family and I are in the ' Bad Luck' phase. Individually.

My life is any ways in such a mess with the admissions and the what not happening in my personal life. My SOP for the college admission is still stuck at one point. I can't seem to add anything at all to it. NOTHING. NILL. NADA.
The heat is not doing anything to help. It has already ruined my skin. All I can feel is rough skin on my face. My arms are ruined coz of the allergies and summer gets me itchy itchy scratchy scratchy all over. So, am mostly covered in red scratch marks in the heat.
Add to that double batch of dance classes, and tutions that I have started taking. And there is a certificate program in a subject of law that I have enrolled myself in has started. Oh, and then well, I had gone to get a draft made in the bank today and it it took like hours, and as I sit and type the post, the draft is not ready. I will have to go and collect it, IF the systems are up again.
Stupid banks, and stupid systems which they refuse to streamline.

I seem to have SO much on my pate, that instead of digesting it, I am going to puke everything. I am getting angry at people like there is nothing in this world that is right.
DAMN, I am a MESS.

And, my parents are having a hard time too. Their cars are a mess. My poor mom has already been stuck in the middle of the road twice in the span of two days once her car got punctured and the today, dad's car's radiator decided to go for a toss, when my mom was in the car on her way to meet her friend.

Oh and did I add, that, the fan in my room was not working for almost the whole week.. so I was sleeping in a fanless room.

And, well, the world has gone mad and crazy. That is it. BLAH LIFE.



Banupriya said...

Gosh.. u sleep in a fanless room in this summer... how is that possible??? Take care..this too shall pass... And dont get angry on anything. Just take some time with a cool head and u will be able to sort out everything.

Ramit Grover said...

LMAO! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Jack said...


My God! You are really going through a rough patch. But do remember " There is always light at the end of tunnel" or may I say lyrics of a very old song " Woh subah kabhi to aayegi". Pep up and try to look at things with little optimism. Please do take precautions against this allergy by using lotion suggested by good dermatologist.

Take care

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Oh, that is a lot...and tough when there are things that are beyond your control so can't plan for and tick them off as you wish. At times like this...I put all in my calendar (of when things need doing) with reminder set, and try not to think of anything but the current...just to try and stop the get that calm state of mind back helps at least make things feel easier.

And hope the fan gets working and allergies at least soothed if not resolved...not fun, makes all else harder to deal with when not physically comfortable!

(and I will beat up TBG for laughing, on your behalf...even if you don't want me to, I will, just for fun :D)