Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Choices, Conflicts, Changes, Consequences & Confusions

C (See) how they relate to each other.
Each of our choices, more often than not is a result of a conflict, or it conflicts something else, results in some change and then we deal with the consequences often confused, or not.

This is the cycle that I have been following for I don't even know how long.
I remember, when I had passed my class 10th examinations, a big decision was pending, whether to change my school or stay where I had been studying for the last 11 years.
My mother proposed.
It conflicted with what my heart really desired. I chose. Changed my school. Which resulted in being in a better school, but nonetheless left more confused about life than ever.
I was in a new environment, where, I bonded with hardly anybody, because, there the people were neither open to new people in their "groups", neither were they my kinds in any case.
So thanks to that, I ended up wasting a year doing engineering, where my true love was law. I did end up doing law, but instead of doing it from a top grade college, I did it in a third rate place.
But, I made the most of it.
I found my husband thanks to the chain of choices that I ended up making.

Life is not fair. But that does not in any way warrant that, I don't make a choice. But, most of the times the choices made by us are in a form of compromises rather than the ones made from our heart, the ones which help us to pursue our dreams. But, here is the hope that the universe will help in changing the stars and help me put myself back on the track of my dreams.

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