Friday, April 11, 2014

I is for I, Me & Myself.


This probably the only letter in the entire English alphabet, that renders power to the speaker.

However, over usage of “I”, also leads to ego tussles between people, where more than we, I comes into play.

But in the world that we are living in currently, everything is a fight. Everything is a want, that needs to be completed. Be it between the couples who are bound by marriage or the corporate ladder that one is climbing to better his career. Unless there is no I, you will not achieve or so is the mantra of today.

I on the other hand crave for the “I”, time, being a time away from the political and corporate slavery or for that matter running around trying to fix things, in relationships, in the house. Everywhere.

I crave for a break, where I can pamper myself without being guilty, where I can be myself, without being judged, or for that matter, without really giving a care. I wonder when will that happen.. if at all it will.

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