Tuesday, April 29, 2014

X is for X-Mas

The greatest  thing about being in India is that we get holidays for all the festivals possible , whilst there are certain festivals that are celebrated all over the country with a fervour, there are some which are confined to a certain state or a region.

X Mas, is one of the festivals that celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm all over India. It is the Winter Holiday season, and while thanks to the MNC culture it means that offices have very little to no work, the schools have an off, and Santa Claus comes calling to each one of the houses irrespective of the caste culture creed or beliefs.

There is no difference in India, in between the celebrations of Diwali & X Mas.
We just wish, that the rest of the western world would also appreciate the beauty of celebrating a festival that is not your own, but is adopted because of the many many people of that culture becoming a part of that country. 

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