Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Sugar-coating

To sugar-coat means to make something less appealing more appealing.

How many times have you sugar coated your harsh realities to yourself in order to live and breathe, in order to just survive.
I haven't read the bible, but once in a TV series about bible, there was this story about how a woman is boiling stones in the water over the stove, and fooling her little child to believe that it was food that was being cooked. She sugar coated the reality about how there was no food in the house to child, till he fell asleep, thinking that his mom would wake him up when the food was ready.

We all sugar coat our lives so much, that we often forget the reality that we need to face.
The facts that stare back at us, glaring, jarring, the ones that we choose to ignore.

The crack in the relationships.
We paint it up to the world, to the kids, to the family.
We don't really discuss the issue, we brush it under the carpet.

The dwindling bank balance.
In this case, we choose to close our eyes, and hope that the money will automatically multiply.
Of course, the salary will come at the end of the month. But instead of being frugal about it, we spend. Without a thought about the building credit or the savings or of the future.

We live in times, when we sugar coat so much, that we forget. We live. But we forget nevertheless.

What do you feel happens, when you sugar coat??


KittySigurdardottir. said...

I love you girl,thank you,you read my mind,you spoke reality to me in love that is setting me free.Keep up with the good works and I pray for energy so you can.Would you permit me to create a link to this writing,it so reminds me of how Jesus speaks.

Sakshi said...

Thanks for your kind words Kitty.

Bikram said...

yes , I know.. we all sometimes sugar coat things.

I for am very blunt and I make a conscious effort to be not be blunt .. hence sugar coating :)