Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Virtues, Vanity & Vice

Let us try and define the terms,

Virtue, Vanity and Vice!

Lets start with the most sought one,

The virtue they say is what

shall make us and the almighty one..

I wonder though, when He put us on earth,

If He whispered about the acts as virtuous,

Or are these just made for us, by us,

To believe in the concept of a heaven and a hell!


Vanity, they say is nothing too nice,

But I feel, it was makes me feel,

Like a nice aged wine,

Perfect to the core,

It makes one believe,

In their ability to take on the world!

Am I ready to take world by storm?

Na, it’s too much of work,

I’d rather sit and stir a storm,

In my own little world!!


If you have a vice,

You are not very nice!

But it is the nasty things,

That add the spice,

To the otherwise,

Boring, mundane and the repetitive



My virtues, vanity & vices,

Are all that I have,

Those have made me,

Who I am!

Love me or hate me,

But never belittle me..

I abide by my virtues, my vanity and vices,

Because it is not you,

But I,

Who shall face the Almighty,

For all the deeds done by thy!




Bikram said...

hmm but then I am sure we humans all have some vice in us all :)

loved the poem though


Anupama K. Mazumder said...

Well written... very moving.