Thursday, April 10, 2014

H is for Hope


The four letters,  that have changed people. These four alphabets have made life easier for the people who are going through the worst of times. They go through hell and they come back because they keep holding on to the Hope that it shall all end well. That, this is just a phase.

For a pessimistic like me, it is very hard to really fathom about the brighter future based on hope. In the hope that all that is happening is nothing but a path towards the destiny that you are already bound to live by.

I am mesmerized and always so happy for the people who are in love with their life, who are hopeful for a future, despite the direst circumstances. It gives me strength, even if it is just a little strength, to move forth with life. Too look at my problems in a different or in a bigger perspective.


What is that gives you hope? To move on despite the adversities, to love your life ?  



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Anonymous said...

I have almost always been in love with my life and hopeful for a better future, irrespective of the circumstances at any given point of time.

Hope is a habit that you can cultivate.