Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Queen

This post is not about the Queen of England, but about a movie that released sometime last month titled as "Queen". 

A story of a girl named Rani (translates to Queen in English), whose fiance leaves her because she is not like him any more, two days before the marriage and how she goes to her honeymoon all by herself. 

It is not a journey about her finding new love, and getting her fiance jealous, and winning her love back. 
This movie is about her journey to find her own self. Realising the value of the fact, that it is so important to respect yourself, your wishes in order to find true happiness. 

This movie has won the accolades of the critics as well as the audience. 

My guess is that , most of us could relate to the journey that Rani took.. The one of self discovery, of learning how love yourself, of embracing the differences that each culture brings, and how friendship knows no language, no boundaries and how important the journey is and not the destination. 

In a life, where we are stifled by the expectations of the society, it is so important to know and understand that no one is entitled to love you like you can love yourself. 
That it is very important to give yourself the respect that you deserve so that you can achieve the dreams that you want to achieve and not what the society wants you to achieve!

With fabulous performances by Kangna Ranout and the rest of the crew, this movie is definitely a classic, not to be missed. 

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Bikram said...


you know i missed watching the movie, me and my friends went to the theater , almost bought the tickets .. but just then a phone call came from another mate who had come all the way from amritsar to chandigarh to meet me when i was there. So missed it ..

Will watch it for sure ..