Tuesday, April 29, 2014

W is for Waste

What did you waste today?
A lot of time,
staring into the nothingness,
of dreaming a dream,
that is nothing more than,
a waste of dreams...

So what did you waste today?
A lot of money,
in buying the fancy shoes,
that I wont wear again,
But what do I do..
The shoes, are what bring me,
the hollow happiness.
But Happiness nevertheless.

So what did you waste today?
A little bit of food,
a lot of water, and a good amount of
I have the means, I shall pay,
and I shall not conserve,
Tomorrow is unknown,
Live today is what I believe!

Just Imagine,
had our parents wasted it all,
the money, the time,
the resources,
would we have had any?
The time to waste,
the money to waste,
and the resources to plunder!

Let us think, twice!
Make time your friend,
dream the dream,
live the dream,
donate a smile,
adopt a pet..
Love a lot..
Because, when you love in excess,
you ain't wasting anything,
You are just gaining,
More love, more happiness,
More dreams!

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