Wednesday, April 9, 2014

G is for Game of Thrones (GOT)

Even though the series is titled as "A Song of Fire and Ice", it is still known by the first book of the series being the Game of Thrones.
A series set in the fantasy land of Seven Kingdoms, with a King, Queen, a lot of politics, bastard children, rightful heirs and a lot of sex.

I was never a fan. My husband followed the damn series on television. I got curious, and started reading the Book. I could never get past the first 10 minutes in the televised version of it.

I would say that I am still not a fan. Harry Potter remains the fantasy book/ movies that I reckon with. Less complicated.
However, whereas in Harry Potter there is a distinct line between the good and the bad, Game of Thrones, has enough grey to confuse between the perspectives who is right and what is right.

 GOT, has a plethora of families, houses, vying for the coveted seats, secrets that are covered for the greater good.. but in the end, all of it comes down to surviving the ruthless struggle for power, and then gaining that power.

Apt, I would say in the current Indian scenario, where the largest democracy has gone to polls, with a choice between a pappu, a mass murderer without any remorse, and an anarchist.
While they fight it out to woo the voters, this limited choice has left the country in a state of limbo, where we as the common man, do not know what the outcome is going to be, and if that outcome is going to do us any good.

In the words of Ned Stark , "Winter is Coming"

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Christine Rains said...

Strangely, it's the opposite in my house. I'm the big fan and my husband can't stand the show. Good luck with the Challenge!

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