Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lucky

Are you lucky?

Lucky in Love?

Lucky in life?

You, know the kinds who stands on the busy street on a Monday morning and hails a taxi to the work. The one who gets their project passed without a hitch.

Or are you the kinds who doesn’t really care, who knows that if you leave 10 minutes before the peak hours you would get your transport, and reach the office on time. And of course know that hard-work pays  and thus, if the project has been passed, then it is because of your own hard-work and nothing else.

In a country that is riddled with superstitions and too much of population , often the selection and non-selection basis the marks and the interviews is credited to the luck factor that you have.

I remember, when the whole “me getting married to non-settled Bengali instead of a rich fat Punjabi” debate was going on in the family, my paternal aunt just said, “you know, when your Uncle and I got married, I was still in college, and your Uncle was also not making tons of money, just enough. And then he chanced upon a job in Abu Dhabi, and things changed, and we lucked out”.

They very well did luck out at that time. They were in middle east at the right time, and then moved to the states at the right time and when the economic conditions moved up here in India, she and her family moved back temporarily though.

Did they just luck out? I mean, they did make the most of what was presented to them. Their kids did work their ass off.

But, then, I also work hard. So does the husband. So does my dad. But we haven’t lucked out the way my aunt and her family did.

And, while we work hard, scraping through the month, hoping to have a handle on our finances.. I just wonder, if we will ever luck out strike gold.

What about you? You feel Lucky??

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Cherie Reich said...

Luck has a way of taking our hard work and making something more of it.

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