Tuesday, April 8, 2014

F is for Frugal, Fine, Future

Another set of connected words.
Both Frugal & Fine, define the future that we may or may not have.

All through our growing years, we either see the frugal, the one who saves for the rainy day, the one who spends just on what is necessity.. He may not have seen the world, but in his own world he is a happy man, that all his hard earned money is now a saving that he may spend, after retirement, in an age, where limitations of health often restrict the fun.

But the future, in terms of a mortgage free house, a retirement income and maybe a vacation and two finally happen.

The other kind we see, is the Fine kind, who may not have a penny in the savings, a house to call his own or for that matter, maybe not even a health insurance to cover the expenses of his flu treatment .. but instead he has a wealth of stories, a lot friends and a diverse variety of experiences that fulfil his life to the brim.

There may not be a retirement home for this kind, but definitely a lot of experiences.. of a life chasing the wild, and chasing the dreams.

Who am I? The Fine or the Frugal. I am trying to find that fine line between the Fine and the Frugal, between the experiences and a house even if the same is on a house loan, but a house nevertheless. I love to travel, but I want to have a house to come back to.

Who are you? What are your hopes and expectations from the future...!!! ??  

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