Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for You

I walk alone,
In a path that is so unknown,
Falling, stumbling, and getting along,
Holding hands of my dear daddy all along,
And then came YOU,
Stumbling, falling, but yet walking,
I fell,
You gave me your hand,
I stood up, You smiled,
THE smile, that made my heart,
Flutter along…
You proposed an idea,
That maybe we should walk,
Together, You said,
We may be able to find a path,
You put your hand out,
I took it,
Shook it, and we became friends,
To walk the path;
Unknown, stumbling, but walking along;
Then the realization dawned;
Sheepish to begin with, I blurted it out loud,
I liked the feel of your hand in mine,
You in turn blushed and agreed;
A few more steps we took,
Treading yet, again a path unknown,
Still you held on,
You supported, pushed me,
To excel, to reach out, and to be more;
Daddy was still there,
His encouragement, always coupled,
With Your push, making an
Achievement more meaningful than ever;
Years passed;
We fought,
You Held, I tried to shake of Your hand,
You still held, till I relented,
Accepted that my stupidity is what led me astray,
Then you popped the question,
With a ring,
A cake, but mostly with Love,
That poured, pure and nothing more.
It was a YES!
A joyous occasion, made even more,
By YOU, yet again!
Today, we are still walking a path,
Unknown to say the least,
Yet, We hold on!
It is You, who makes me,
The whole I am;
Love riddled with questions,
Questions without answers,
In a journey of life, together,
Now & Forever,
I am exultant,
To say the least,
That my fellow traveller,
Lover, friend is none other,
But YOU..
In a path so unknown,
Walking, stumbling, but still Holding On.

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Bikram said...

:) .. my best wishes always