Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Objectively

“Now, Now, let us look at this objectively. “

I wonder, how can anyone be objective to any situation. Of course, unless you are a complete third party to it, and you lose nothing, in giving an unbiased, uninfluenced opinion on something. But, when the stakes are high, and that too your stakes, I wonder, how an opinion can be objective.

When you are a judge in a competition, how can you not have a favourite? How can you not like someone over the other.

In another scenario, when you are judge presiding over legal proceedings, giving a sentence to someone, granting the custody of a child to one parent over the other, how can you not be disturbed by your own conscience?

India is currently undergoing elections. The ruling party is definitely going out. They have done their bit for 10 years. The next big thing that is being hailed for the betterment of India is Narendra Modi.

And, even though he claims that he has taken his state Gujarat (for which he is a CM) from zero to hero, there are contradictory accounts to that from the citizens staying there. There is a constant battle on, on the social media websites, where his supporters clash with his opposers. News channels and media reports are rubbished. His albatross you ask, the 2002 Gujarat Riots, where Hindu & Muslims were killed. He was the CM then. He is the CM of Gujarat now and from the way it is being touted, it seems he will be the next PM.

Even though the judicial enquiry and Special Investigation Team’s reports and Supreme Court of India have given him a clean chit, he himself has not even once in the last 12 years come out and either claimed responsibility (being the CM, the law and order was his responsibility ) or said sorry.

Whenever, I share an article or articulate my feelings and thoughts about this albatross, I am often asked to look at things objectively and that I should really move on to the real issues of development.

Yes, I agree that his capitalist and money making outlook along with his stringent personality traits are  total opposite to that of our current PM, who is also called the mute PM, puppet PM to say the least, will put India on the front foot for the economic recovery.

My question only is, that by looking at everything so objectively, I hope we are not putting at the helm a man, without a conscience for whom there is no worth of the human life.

All I hope is that, in the quest of money, we are not selling our soul to the devil.

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