Monday, February 1, 2010

Its the 'small' things that matter...

Yes, small things matter.
Its not how you look, what you wear, how much do you earn.

Its about- where you throw your underwear, fart after having dinner, and as someone says,
there is nothing in this world like a Good morning cuddle and a morning kiss, because you are both stinking.

I know, there is a long way to. So long, that, I may not even be able to gauge it. But, can I atleast hope that I will be able to deal with the change? Deal with the 'small' things that will come my way. There will be loads of adjustments.
But- if I am not willing to do them, I would be scared of em,
but I am willing to do em.

I just don't want to have a prejudiced mind, and a mindset that may do nothing but pull into a negative frame of mind.
Its not only in a 'love' relationship, that the small things matter- But they matter in all relationships of life. Doesn't a mother know, about those little habits that her child has? Why are we SO scared to step into the unkown...
and why can;t we be the fearless ones...

I know for all practical purposes- Love- is nothing but the stupid play of hormones that wean away with time. But, unfortunately- I cannot explain, the feelings, the very bond that makes you stick to the person who you are in love with.
When, you know, that you can step into the 'small' things matter more than the big ones phase, you know that the person for whom you are getting into this is THE one.

Like Peanut says-

Love is a Valentine with Lace around the edges...
Crappy post- but yeah- I am of late in a thinking about 'WTF' things.


Ramit Grover said...

Shayon is a very lucky man. His wife is going to be very very very understanding and adaptable.

God bless you both!

Ramit Grover said...

For most things, wtf posts are, just that. WTF.

But in love, wtf makes for the most beautiful insights.

Isn't it?

Sorcerer said... like ketchup in life.

God Bless you both!

ANC said...

100% agree. The small things matter. But only when you have the bigger ones sorted, and strangely, that's the harder bit for some people. They want the small without dealing with the big. At least you have that clear :)

Good luck!

ani_aset said...

Its the order that matters..getting the big things out of the way then moving on to smaller ones :)

Shalini said...

True...'small' things matter!
Could totally relate with your post.
How have you been??