Sunday, March 14, 2010

What are your dreams made of?

The shadows of dark slowly climb on,
the stars in the sky twinkle a haunting tone,
the moon is throwing a light,
that takes me to another world..

The world in another realm,
the world of improbable and
a parallel universe of Possibilities..

What are your dreams made of?
Of, scintillating destinations,
and fantasies woven out of this world,
of beauty that can't be captured either in words or pictures,

Of success that is beyond your imagination,
of love that is beyond the world that
we stay in,
of a life that is nothing but content..
of a happiness that is life,
and life that is happiness...

You are taken up there,
you are thrown back on the ground,
for every coin has its two sides..

What are your dreams made of?

Of sleepless nights,
and ghosts of past,
present and
the future...

Of the lost causes,
and your world falling in pieces,
of a life that is lived unfulfilled,
of destinies that are left,
behind in the memories of time.

of the if's and the but's
that could never be the surety..
of wishes,
that were just a part of a wishlist.

of broken hearts,
and shattered glass...
of love,
the labor of which was just lost.

of faces that smile,
and hearts that are full of spite,
of friendships that are nothing,
but vanity personified...

A blank piece of paper,
a fresh start...
is that what my dream is made of..
tell me thee...
What are your dreams made of?

1 comment:

Chandni (Chanz) said...

cheers to a new start...

you have a long way to go, girl..